£350 million anyone?


It irritated the hell out of me during last night’s EU debate how Remain banged on about the £350 million on the side of the Leave battle bus.

As Boris explained, this is the amount we pay over without any control over how it’s spent. Yes, we get some back, but the point is we have now control over how that is spent. The bus clearly says – ‘We send the EU £350 million every week” which in my view is unambiguous if you can read and understand basic English!

We send it to them (look at the picture above!). They decide how much we send them. GDP goes up, the EU ups our ‘contribution’. Remember the £1.7 billion they demanded that Cameron and Osborne said they wouldn’t pay – and then did?

We get a rebate. That’s not guaranteed and can be withdrawn at any time by the EU. There’s no control over that. Kiss it goodbye overnight if Brussels says so.

We get money back from the EU. We have no control over where it is spent. They put up lots of signs telling us they fund this that or the other project. They’re very good at self publicity. But the fact is that the EU decides where we spend our own money in our own country. So much for sovereignty!

And Sturgeon’s claim that for every £1 we hand over we get £10 back was the most ludicrous claim I’ve heard so far from Remain…

3 responses to “£350 million anyone?

  1. I always look at it as the same way they quote salary i.e. gross. You then have to pay out some of this to others, the tax man.Out of the EU money we decide, we cut out the middle man and save on it. Never gets mentioned but we also hand over some VAT, about 2.5 billion 2014-2015 I believe.

  2. Fishwoman? Ludicrous claim? Nothing new there, then.