Bring back the chicken !

Police arresting a chicken for bothering David Cameron

Police arresting a chicken for bothering David Cameron

Remember the 2010 election campaign when the Daily Mirror hired a man in a chicken suit to chase Cameron around the country? It was an attempt to shame the man into debating in the 2010 general election.

The Labour party resurrected it in 2015. It was revealed yesterday in an analysis of their campaign expenditure that they have quite a supply of available chicken suits. 600 quids worth to be precise. I say it’s time to get them out of mothballs…

So ‘Chicken Dave’ is once again dodging face to face debates. His excuse this time is that he doesn’t want to be divisive by facing members of his own party who don’t support his ‘vision’ for the EU – but that simply doesn’t hold water, does it? If it was true then why did he refuse to debate directly with Nigel Farage on Tuesday night?

No, the real reason is because he knows that coming up against a seasoned debater rather than just taking loaded and pre-notified questions from an invited audience will expose a lot of what he says about the risks of leaving – especially about the economy…

On the subject of which I was appalled yesterday by suggestions form the looney left that the general public are too thick to be allowed to vote in a referendum, and that it should be restricted to well educated middle class people who have an understanding of politics.

Well, I’m middle class and was educated at a public school. I have a degree in economics. So I guess I’m qualified to tell Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne that they know as well as I do that there is no economic case to answer on the question of Europe. The real answer is that stay or leave, nobody knows what will happen. So if you’re basing your case on economics, forget it. It just doesn’t wash!

So let’s finish with a bit of light relief. In the interests of avoiding bias, here’s Boris being chased by a chicken during his mayoral campaign…


2 responses to “Bring back the chicken !

  1. “……don’t support his ‘vision’ for the EU”. When a politician mentions the word ‘vision’ run for the hills. Brown used to do it a lot.

  2. You’ve probably heard about Major / Blair yack in N. Ireland.

    Blair used the argument that a leave vote would trigger yet another referendum in Scotland to leave the Union.

    Judging from the comments I read in 2014, very probably a majority of English would very much like to be rid of the Scots, mainly because of the Barnett Formula.

    I do wish Blair would butt-out, however if he wants to benefit the leave campaign then that’s okay with me.

    (By the by I do not believe the SNP will win this one either).