The great ITV stitch up…

Farage, Cameron and a much younger picture of Julie Etchingham

Farage, Cameron and a much younger picture of Julie Etchingham

Well, that was an eye opener last night. Farage and Cameron not actually debating because Chicken Dave knows he’d get demolished by Farage. His excuse last time was that he wouldn’t exacerbate splits in the Tory party by debating against members of his own cabinet. What was the excuse last night, Dave?

I was appalled by the obvious bias of ITV and the complete ineptitude of Julie Etchingham. What the fuck was she there for other than to let the audience continually interrupt Farage whilst letting Cameron drone on about the economy. Why did she continually cut Farage short and not Cameron? Bias of the first order.

And the audience was clearly hand picked to do the same. Balanced, my arse! They were clearly pro-Remain.

And Farage was attacked relentlessly as a racist, little Englander. His comments on Cologne were taken out of context. His arguments on the economy were poo-pooed. Nobody was really listening. They just wanted him – in his own words – demonised. It was a clear case of “If you can’t kick the ball then kick the man who’s got it!”

What was clear was that Cameron is not very good at answering questions. It really made no difference what you asked him, he always pulled it back to the economy. The real answer on the economy is, of course, that we don’t know what will happen if we stay in the EU any more than if we leave. It’s a non argument but it’s nice and technical and scary so Cameron keeps rolling it out.

What was also clear was that Farage was not going to be allowed to answer the question, and yet despite this the reactions after the event seem to largely favour Farage as the winner. He clearly wasn’t on his best form last night although, to be honest, he really wasn’t given much of a chance.

It was appalling – but then that’s nothing less than you’d expect from Project Fear and it’s lackies at ITV…


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