Stuff the referendum!

It would appear that our duly elected representatives in the House of Commons intend to defy the will of the people if the vote on June 23rd calls for us to leave the EU.

Whatever the result, remainers in the House outnumber leavers by 454 to 147. Some of them are plotting to claim that because Vote Leave has not spelt out an alternative deal for Britain’s access to the single market there is no mandate for a change. They would use this to justify voting against changes to the law necessary to complete a British exit from the EU and the single market.

Well, I sort of expect that sort of dictatorial bullshit from the EU, but I seem to have been living in a fool’s paradise by thinking that our MPs might just behave better. Clearly I was wrong.

One such traitor is Labour MP Stephen Kinnock – that’s the same Stephen Kinnock who has both his parents making a very nice living out of working in Brussels. Being, of course, completely unbiased he says ‘If the British people voted to leave the EU that’s one thing but can we really say that they voted for the devastation and destruction of the entire exporting sector of our economy? I don’t think you can necessarily say that there’s a democratic mandate for that.’ FFS! What a self serving arsehole!

Well, Mr Kinnock, the whole point of a referendum is that it gives you a democratic mandate but for reasons of your own, you clearly don’t want to accept that, do you? Wonder why? Couldn’t be anything to do with this, could it :


Defying the will of the people is the sort of behaviour we expect in the third world banana republics and African dictatorships, not in the House of Commons. It’s the sort of behaviour that gave us Syria and Libya amongst others. It’s the sort of behaviour that led to the English Civil War.

So to all the MPs who are thinking along these lines, I advise you to think again…


10 responses to “Stuff the referendum!

  1. When it comes to the Kinnocks, I think their protectionism of the Family Business is pretty clear to all concerned

  2. Kath Gillon

    I was not surprised when Mr Me read this story to me yesterday, my retort to him “Here comes another civil war” I can’t wait to see the Kinnock’s along with Camoron and osborne’s heads all on spikes at traitors gate!

  3. It would appear that our esteemed representatives seemed to have lost sight of the role they are meant to play in democracy. Although I appreciate the result of a referendum probably has no legal standing (correct me if I’m wrong) but as you say Mr D to start defying the will of the people so close to that poll is probably not a bright move considering the outcome most of them want.
    Indeed if they do get us to remain in the failing, disaster that the EU has become Westminster would be surplus to requirements, and is now to a large extent. In fact we could maybe function along quite nicely with just a committee of around twenty to thirty instead of the 650 we currently have to provide for.

    • There was a comment a few weeks back by one of the EU irks – I forget which one – that the House of Commons would be reduced to a Council debating chamber…

      People should listen to the pronouncements of the EU elite carefully. It can be quite revealing the plans they have for us unless we get the hell out!

  4. “It’s the sort of behaviour that led to the English Civil War.”

    Well, I’m in for a re-run if they try it.

  5. In answer to your question. “I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe.” — Kenneth Clarke, Conservative Chancellor in International Currency Review Vol 23 No 4 1996

  6. Dear Dioclese

    “Defying the will of the people is the sort of behaviour we expect in the third world banana republics and African dictatorships, …”

    Now we know where Bongo Bongo Land is: it’s here.


  7. Stonyground

    What would happen if the leave vote was carried by a convincing margin and Parliament decided that they know best so we’re staying in? Do we have any mechanism for forcing their compliance or for having them removed? Would the Queen get involved? Would it be necessary to take the place by force? Would the MSM do its job for once and hold their feet to the fire?