D Day

72 years ago today, brave men lost their lives landing on the Normandy beaches because of tyranny in Europe and a belief that this country would be better off free and democratic rather than under the heel of the Nazis. They died so that we could enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

In the 21st century, those freedoms are again at threat from an unelected and anti-democratic elitist clique who believe that the people should be controlled, told what to do and should have no voice in choosing or removing their leaders.

Boris Johnson was right when he said that the unification of the Europe by the EU was the same end that was envisaged by Napoleon and Hitler. Napoleon met his Waterloo. Hitler met his end hiding in a bunker in Berlin. They used guns and bombs to dominate us. The EU is using economic warfare, but the end game is the same – a Europe controlled and dominated by an unelected and unaccountable dictatorship.

On the 23rd June, you have the opportunity to change that. You have opportunity to ensure that the freedoms these men died for 72 years ago are not thrown away at the stroke of a pen.

Don’t waste your chance. You may never get another.


One response to “D Day

  1. rapscallion

    Its a month to celebrate British victories, Glorious First of June (1st June obviously), D Day (today) and Waterloo (June 18th) On top of that we have Euro 2016, and whilst you might not like football, 3 of the four home countries are taking part – think of all that unbounded patriotism!

    72 years ago our men went forward to rid the continent of a evil system.
    On June 23rd we, the people of Britain (who have not spoken yet) must yell our defiance at the corrupt political elites and vote Leave.

    if we fail, we will have failed the men of 72 years ago