The moment of truth…

It’s here. It’s arrived. I was beginning to wonder if it ever would.

The ballot paper dropped through the letter box this morning and has been duly filled in by us both. It’s sitting on the stairs waiting to hit the post box.

It’s everybody’s democratic right to vote and they should use that right. People died to get it for you, so don’t waste it. Even if you don’t have an opinion one way or the other, you should at least abstain by spoiling the ballot paper. If you don’t vote, then you are saying “Please shaft me because I really don’t care what happens!”

To those of you who say “Don’t vote because it encourages the politicians” I say “You didn’t vote so you have no opinion and can shut the fuck up!” Your choice.

Which way did we vote? Well that’s a matter between me and the ballot box but I can tell you one thing if you’re a ‘Remain’ supporter…

…it wasn’t your lot!


6 responses to “The moment of truth…

  1. Kath Gillon

    Well said Mr D, oddly we have received 2 x ballot papers for people who don’t even live here and are not on the electoral register to vote at this address!! Lucky for them my name isn’t Rahman! We returned them both as not known at this address. But it has really concerned us because if this happened in just 10% of UK addresses it could seriously affect the results. I also hear that many EU nationals who are not UK citizens are are getting votes too, many Eastern Europeans have been getting voting cards, and in some areas voting cards have been found en masse in hedgerows and bins. One lady had hers discovered by a neighbour in a hedgerow and had it taken to her along with the rest of her street, apparently it was covered in mud. Of course you don’t have to take the card with you to claim your vote but it’s still very strange.

  2. I don’t know if you are familiar with the musings and work of Pat Condell Dioclese but as your heading of The Moment of Truth maybe this would fit in well and worth a watch.

  3. Kath Gillon

    Nothing fills me with confidence about any of these so called politicians and their words of “wisdom” on the EU. I have my view and nothing any of these shysters say will shift it as far as I am concerned the only reason so many MP’s are Pro EU is fat jobs with huge salaries for them. Funny how for years most of Labour was anti EU and Mr Corbyn was also repeatedly ANTI, yet now they are all lining up to sing it’s praises, one wonders how much the golden goose of the EU has to do with this complete about face. I also received a leaflet from local Labour today saying LABOUR PRO EU VOTE REMAIN. Well after I had binned the offensive item I had to laugh, I seem to be under the impression that NOT ALL Labour are pro EU so there are more lies. Clearly and most worrying is the fact that none of them seems capable of telling anything but fairy stories . I would have far more respect if they told the truth, but they don’t, then they wonder why no one believes a word they say! Jezus where where these people when the brains were handed out! Clearly not at the front of the honesty queue. I’d be guessing they were in the front of the self serving wanker queue.

    • I think we all know that Corbyn doesn’t really want to remain but his hand is being forced by backbenchers, the SNP and the Unions. He’s doing a pretty good job of making it obvious without actually saying so.