Cameron’s stance on the EU


Well, what an unedifying spectacle that was last night on Sky News wasn’t it? I’ve followed politics with interest for a good few years and I’m struggling to remember an occasion when an audience treated a serving Prime Minister with such contempt.

To be fair to Sky, I thought they pulled no punches and I shall watch the debate with Gove tonight to see whether they treat him the same way. Cameron was asked if he would join the EU today if we weren’t already a member. Of course he would – on the terms he’s renegotiated says he. What a load of tosh!

I was particularly impressed with the way it took a student to put him in his place when he tried to interrupt her and how she accused him of waffling – which he clearly was.

Singularly unimpressive was the way he dismissed the issue of Turkey joining the EU. Failing the tests didn’t stop them shoehorning the Greeks in and look at the mess they’re in now. He says he has a veto over Turkey’s membership but would you trust him to use it given his support for them becoming members? I certainly wouldn’t.

He says he has a guarantee that we won’t join the Euro, ignoring the fact that nobody is asking us to.

He says we can control immigration whilst still being the EU which is, of course, complete nonsense. According to Cameron we need to address immigration on a Europe wide basis by stopping them entering the EU. I’m not sure how that gells with sending boats to the Med to haul them out and bring them ashore. It also ignores the fact that our immigration issues are mainly about those already in the EU – like Romania who are currently flooding our prisons with offenders. They’re already in Mr Cameron or have you conveniently failed to notice that?

All in all, we learnt nothing new last night although it is becoming clear that the electorate has had enough of scaremongering and lack of facts, so there’s hope we might escape yet…


6 responses to “Cameron’s stance on the EU

  1. David Milliband, yes that’s right David not Ed, has just been on my local radio spouting the same rubbish we heard last night. Now I know he is entitled to an opinion but quite why he is wading in I’m not quite sure. He ceased to have any political ties to this country long ago. He must have just received his copy of the script.

    • He was on the BBC this morning as well. I noticed he dodged the issue when asked whether Corbyn was a half hearted Remainian and whether that was why he was keeping a low profile.

      They also asked him whether Corbyn only raised his head yesterday because the new GMB Union boss was making noises…

  2. Cameron is a chameleon – changing colour depending on which was the wind blows. His only consistent characteristic is his consistent inconsistency, and his only sincere characteristic is his sincere insincerity.

    Why does your “Feedjit” feed regularly identify me as being in San Francisco? That’s quite a distance from sunny (at the moment) South Staffordshire.

  3. Stonyground

    Does Mr Cameron think that anyone, anyone at all, believes him when he claims that he can control immigration? As long as we remain in the EU he has no power to do so, none. Anyone who can enter the hopelessly leaky borders of the EU has the ability to gain the right to enter Britain and there is not a thing that he can do about it. Surely every one knows this and knows that he is lying about it.

    Although immigration is a serious issue, it annoys me that both sides seem to be concentrating on it almost to the exclusion of everything else. It seems to me that democracy is a far more important issue. Without democracy you have no way of holding self serving politicians to account. These are people who will screw you over if you let them, so why wouldn’t you be concerned that you have no right to vote them out?

    • Remain attack on the economy (nobody knows one way or the other but it makes for a good scare story) while leave attack on immigration (remain know there is no way to control EU immigration)

      Gove raised sovereignty and democracy the other night. Cameron seems to be turning it back to the economy whatever he’s asked…