Immigration control

In his Dover speech during the 2005 general election, Tony Blair made this statement :

I also understand concern over immigration controls. We will put in place strict controls that work. They will be part of our first legislative programme if we are re-elected on May 5. These controls will include the type of points system used in Australia, for example, to help ensure our economy gets the skills we need.”

Today, the Leave campaign have announced their plans for a system based, essentially, on skill based points and a job offer to come to.

So what’s the difference between Blair’s promise and the Leave campaign’s promise? After all, Blair’s hot air all came to nothing so why should we take any more notice of the current offer? The answer, of course, is very simple.

Blair’s promises failed because of the simple reason that whilst we are in the EU it’s not legally possible to introduce the system. The EU free movement imperative means that we can’t implement a work permit / visa system for EU citizens so Blair’s promises were doomed to failure. He knew this when he promised it – but that’s a different issue!

So if you think that implementing a work permit system like Australia or the USA is a good idea and that the system should treat all people as equal regardless of their country of origin, then there’s only one way that you are ever going to be allowed to have it…

…and that is to vote to leave the EU on June 23rd


2 responses to “Immigration control

  1. We emigrated to New Zealand to join our son and daughter in law just over 12 months ago. To do so we had to have full medicals, police checks and prove that we were financially independent. All this took a long time and a lot of money .I canot understand why the UK does not have a similar scheme in place. I think the points based idea could be a winner.

    • The polls suggest there’s a lot of support for it. Are we really saying that if you had to jump through all those hoops to get into NZ that coming to the UK isn’t worth the same bother? All the migrants over the other side of the channel would seem to beg to differ…