How to solve the migrant crisis

Maybe I’m a bit simple but to me the way to solve the crisis of migrants crossing the Med is obvious…

Here’s the conversation :

“I want to cross the Med to get to Europe but I’m worried that it’s dangerous!”

“Don’t worry! We only go a couple of miles and then they send a ship to pick us up and take us the rest of the way…”

I expect you’d thought I’d say just let the buggers drown but that really doesn’t achieve much because the poor sods waiting to come across wouldn’t know about it. Better to pick them up, sink the boats and then take them back to Libya or wherever they came from so they can tell all their friends that there’s no point in trying.

It’s really obvious to me that this would work, so what’s the hidden agenda? If a fool like me can see this, why can’t the so called intelligent people who rule us?

And don’t tell me that the Libyans won’t let us do this because let’s face it, they’re not going to attack an EU warship are they? Queen Victoria had the answer : “Send a gunboat!” The problem is we’ve sent one but we’ve given it the wrong orders…


4 responses to “How to solve the migrant crisis

  1. The ‘gunboat’ we sent has an illuminated Taxi sign mounted on the bridge with the benefits office number on it. Maybe the trick has started here as well.

  2. That’s pretty much what the Australians did. Rescue and return. Seems to have worked for them.

  3. I said exactly the same in the Daily Hate. Take them back to Libya, destroy the boats.

  4. Unfortunately that solution doesn’t solve the problem that a substantial majority of those who rule us and shape “opinion” (eg those working in the media and the monstrous regiment of luvvies) actually welcome this invasion. The immigrant “crisis” is not a crisis for them in the same way it is for, I suspect, you and me and most of the readers of this blog. For us, the problem is clear: continuation of mass immigration from the impovershed third world and, particularly, those prey to the delusions of Islam will result in financial ruin and cultural chaos. The solution to that problem is straightforward and set out in your post.

    For our rulers and opinion-formers, however, the “crisis” is, at a trivial level of course, an opportunity to signal virtue. Unfortunately and much more dangerously, the “crisis” is also a wonderful, possibly unique, opportunity at one stroke to dissolve the nations of Europe (a major ambition, by the way, of the founders of the EU project) and, moreover, to destroy once and for all Europe’s cultural cohesion. Hence the deplorable response to the “crisis” by Europe’s “leaders” which, if maintained, will cement the rule of the international and, not by coincidence, left-leaning political class – for now anyway. Who knows who will form our ruling class in 2050.