Why Cameron really wants to remain

Let’s cut to the chase : Cameron says he doesn’t want to serve a third term and will go before the next general election. Fine, so what’s he going to do?

Well, he’s nailed his colours well and truly to the EU so is it really such a leap of speculation that he’s going after a cushy little job as an EU commissioner. A job where he is unelected, unaccountable, unsackable and sets his own pay. A job where he will earn more than he does as Prime Minister.

No wonder he wants us to stay in the EU. He doesn’t give a shit about the people of this country as long as he’s all right Jack.

There are around 100 Tory MPs prepared to force a leadership election even if the vote is to remain. These Tory MPs have made their intentions clear. I say “Grow a pair and force a challenge now. Don’t wait until after the referendum!” Put your country first and kick the little shit out…


3 responses to “Why Cameron really wants to remain

  1. rapscallion

    I’ve often thought that it would be difficult to be as despised as Tiny Blur, but this traitorous scumbag is running him damn close.

  2. Spot on. And that other little shit, Ozzy is salivating about the PMship. Not a hope in hell has of getting it though.

  3. No, No, No. I’m all for out and would pay good money to see Cameron get the bullet – but not yet. If it happens before the referendum it will give the other Euro-lackey brown nosers in power the perfect excuse to cancel the vote.