War, famine, pestilence and death

Someone suggested the other day that if we vote for #Brexit then the four horsemen of the apocalypse will be unleashed upon this country. Amongst many others I laughed because that is about how ridiculous the claims of Cameron and Osborne have become…

…then I sat and thought about it.

It has been claimed that the EU has been responsible for keeping peace in Europe since the war. It even received the Nobel Peace Prize FFS! It’s rubbish of course because the thing that will stop Putin and his irks attacking us is NATO and big fat bombs, not the EU. So that’s the first horseman – war – rolled out to frighten us.

Then we’re told by Oz-porn that the pound will plummet and that everything will be more expensive – especially the food we import. That’s also rubbish of course because we’ll be free to buy our food from outside the EU. Nevertheless, that’s two horsemen down. Famine.

And what about the NHS and medical research? Apparently without the EU we won’t be sharing medical research data and the invention of new medicines and medical advances will be effected. Also rubbish because the scientists and multinationals might have something to say about that. And the NHS will have fewer patients and health tourists if we start controlling our borders properly. Strike three for pestilence.

That only leaves death, the fourth horseman. You could argue that the first three will inevitably lead to the fourth.

So the four horsemen of the apocolypse really have been wheeled out by the Remainians.

Frankly the only death I would welcome is that of the EU. That way we’ll all be freer and better off…


10 responses to “War, famine, pestilence and death

  1. It is my opinion that anyone voting to remain shackled to this disastrous club is in desperate need for a check up from the neck up. Likewise anyone that believes what the daft duo of Cameron and Osborne come out with, and I think I could include Carney there, has got serious, serious issues. Yes I have met some.
    However I have so little faith in our voting system now with the way postal votes can be abused and the complete distrust of the EU I fear the result may already be known and we’re staying damn it.

    • Having just posted the above I found this.

      • Thanks for pointing this out. I was aware of it as Anna Raccoon highlighted it earlier in her explanation of her change of heart from the remain to the leave side of the fence. Interesting coming from a woman who until recently resided in France I thought.

        Anyhow, I’ve written to my old neighbour John Redwood about it and asked him t ensure it gets publicised. Afraid the Leave campaign really needs to get its act together quickly if we’re to escape the EUSSR…

  2. As was once stated by Stalin, I believe, “It does not matter who votes, it is who counts the votes which matters.”

    • Indeed. Very worrying isn’t it? Basically the EU has the power to neutralise any government it doesn’t approve of.

      Democracy in action eh?

  3. Kath Gillon

    One still has to wonder why we are still not allowed to use ballpoint pens to mark our ballots and still have to use a pencil! A cynic would say it is so the votes can be rubbed out and altered, how would we ever know. It seemed to work well for Lufah Rahman rubbing away with his little rubber and changing the votes. I always press very hard and remark over it so even if it’s erased that change can be seen clearly. But it’s all academic I bet we are still in the EU come the end of June. Every person in this country could say they voted leave and the result would still be a remain. All this shenanigans is just to make the politicians look like they are trying. It will be the Scottish referendum all over again. Cameron knows he’s won this vote because he has royally rigged it.

    • rapscallion

      I used a felt tip pen instead, and there is nowt they can do about it. However as tedtreen points out, its not the votes that count. We do of course live in a democracy.

      Oh, hang on . . . . . .

    • Having worked a polling station we hang nice big thick builders pencils on the polling booths because they’re cheaper than pens and make a nice big thick cross that’s easier for the counters (I’ve done that too). You can actually use any damn thing you want to write “they’re all cunts” across it.

      The best one I ever saw was the Euro elections when some wag put an extra box on for Angela Merkel, put a cross in the box and then wrote “After all that’s who we’re really voting for.”

      He had a point…

  4. rapscallion

    I’m only surprised that they haven’t actually mentioned the 4 horses of the apocalypse. I don’t suppose it will be long before the first born will all be slaughtered or a plague of locusts descend should we have the temerity to be free.

    As a humourous aside, a friend of mine who lives in deepest, darkest ‘ampshire was telling me about his local village idiot (a post that is heavily contested apparently). When it was pointed out to said idiot that leaving the EU may mean World War III he remarked that it “wouldn’t be too much of a problem as we’d won the last two”

    Classic 🙂

  5. Stonyground

    I thought that the four vials carried by the horsemen contained war, famine, pestilence and wild beasts. As far as I know, the remainers haven’t mentioned wild beasts yet. Maybe it is just a matter of time.