Anyone noticed how Calais has gone quiet lately?

You might be forgiven if you’re reading the British press recently for believing that the problem of migrants trying to get across the Channel has gone away. That the camps have been dismantled and that the migrants all went home. You would, of course, be totally wrong because there a load of shit kicking off over there at the moment that Cameron’s Cronies don;t want you to know about.

The picture above is of the mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, addressing a mass meeting of French Police based in the town. They’re a bit pissed off because in the last month 300 of them have been injured by migrants in the so called ‘Calais Jungle’. If you read the French press, you see that rioting migrants are turning on the police regularly and, on occasions, so badly that the Police are turning tail and running away to save themselves.

Officers fear it is only a matter of time before one of their number is killed by rampaging asylum seekers, who are becoming increasingly violent in their attempts to reach Britain. The picture was taken at a mass meeting amidst mass resignations and plummeting morale. Frankly, who can blame them? Police union leaders warned that officers are “risking their lives every day” patrolling the lawless port town, which is overrun by gangs of migrants wielding iron bars, rocks and even knives and guns.

Meanwhile, British lorry drivers continue to be harassed and attacked by migrants trying to get to the UK.

Of course, it would be churlish of me to suggest that you not getting to know any of this is in any way due to the fact that there’s a referendum coming up…


4 responses to “Anyone noticed how Calais has gone quiet lately?

  1. Whatever are you suggesting, the likes of the BBC and Sky News are not telling us the whole story. This cannot be so surely?

  2. But they are not asylum seekers, are they? If they were, Turkey would be currently processing their applications.

  3. It’s sad to hear the French police are running scared: perhaps it’s time to send in the (CRS?) heavies, who tend to shoot first and question later/never.
    But under EU law, which we Brits obviously respect, especially when it applies to France, these scum luxury-seekers should be processed at their point of entry, which could only be Calais if they were heading in the other direction (most likely on their way to join IShItS).

  4. rapscallion

    You wouldn’t be suggesting Dioclese that our wonderful, free and unfettered mainstream media are hiding things from you?

    Golly Gosh !