Why we should encourage new countries to join the EU

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Say hello to Saliman Barci who is a living advertisement for why we should encourage new countries to join our border free Fourth Reich.

Mr Barci is from Albania. He entered the UK illegally in the back of a truck and then posed as a Kosovan refugee to gain UK citizenship. He’s a convicted double murderer sentenced to 25 years in prison back home and they been trying to extradite him since 2009.

He lives in a £560 a month housing association property and get around £2,000 a month in benefits. He’s never worked and has an NHS false leg to replace the wooden one he came here with. He’s got legal aid to fight extradition and had a nice little side line selling cocaine in London. Despite protesting his innocence, his wife says he told her he’s guilty.

You can read the full story here in the Daily Mail.

Not only – as the Mail says so eloquently – has this country lost it’s marbles but the fight is going to the European Court which, of course, is a higher authority than the UK courts and is being paid for by the UK taxpayer, so that’s another issue.

Albania isn’t in the EU – yet so why don’t we just revoke his citizenship which was clearly gained under false pretences, stick him on a plane to Albania and tell the EU courts to fuck off?

Trouble is that when Albania joins the EU, his bastard and his mates have a legal right to just walk back in again.

Yep! Marbles. Lost. Well and truly.

We need to get the hell out of the Fourth Reich right now while we still can…


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