EU immigration doesn’t effect jobs and wages

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It’s official. Immigration isn’t effecting the labour market. In fact, it’s a good thing. This is the view of TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady as seen being interviewed by Andrew ‘Brillo’ Neil on the Daily Politics.

According to Frances it’s all down to the wicked employers. Seems they are employing perfectly legal cheap labour from the EU under the freedom of movement rules and paying them the UK legal minimum wage when they should be paying more and employing UK workers instead.

Well, Ms O’Grady, it seems that you are neglecting some simple facts.

(1) Businesses are there to make money not run charities. Over the past year, 400,000 jobs were created in the UK and 80% of these went to immigrants.

(2) 2.2 million EU migrants now work in the UK – a rate that has doubled in the last 5 years since the Eastern European countries joined the EU

(3) An influx of cheap labour from the EU means that wages for UK workers are being suppressed. It’s the simple law of supply and demand. If supply increases, then prices – or in this case wages – go down.

Brillo asked O’Grady no less than 14 times whether EU migration pushes down wages and reduces job opportunities for the UK workers who pay her ¬£143,000 a year through their membership subs to represent them. Her answer? “There is no evidence that EU migration effects UK wages.” FFS!

If you want to know what people think if such blatent barefaced ineptitude ( dare I suggest lying? Shurely not! ), then you need look no further than the expression on the face at the left hand side of the above picture. It really says it all.

Just which workers are you being paid to represent Ms O’Grady? The UK or the EU…?


5 responses to “EU immigration doesn’t effect jobs and wages

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  2. Well here’s one European resident that doesn’t have to concern himself with the niceties of trying to find gainful employment. Albanian eh? As far as I know Albania is not yet in the EU so why is he permitted to stay here? Seems a foretaste of what is about to hit our shores in the not too distant future if Dave has anything to do with it.

  3. Kath Gillon

    I note that Gordon Brown has been busy bumping his gums about “all mothers should vote to stay in the EU if they want their children to have jobs!” Well Mr Brown in my view if we kicked all these immigrants out NOW maybe our children would have jobs. Try telling my son who has now got depression and anxiety after two years of daily job hunting for hours and hours every day that Immigrants help his ability to work, he can’t get a job around here because of ethnic enrichment and diversity all the employers are too afraid to be called racists to employ young white males. He had an immigrant reduce him to a gibbering wreck this week at a job club, so badly was he affected after being told “well clearly YOU don’t want to work” that he had a major panic attack threw up and I had to go and rescue him from the city, whilst Mr me got an emergency appointment for the doctors, because he’s been depressed for months but asked not to be signed off BECAUSE HE WANTED A FUCKING JOB so badly. I will be voting leave on the 23rd and I pray daily others do too.