Scottish EU propaganda

One thing I noticed about my recent jaunt to Scotland was the proliferation of Fourth Reich propaganda. Every day without fail you’d see loads of signs proclaiming “This project was part funded by the European Union” particularly on road building. I’d say I saw around 50 or 60 during the week I was touring around.

Now I’m not against spending money on Scottish infrastructure. That’s all well and good, but the EU does seem to have a penchant for self promotion and half truths.

What actually happens is that the Scottish government puts up half the money but the money it puts up is heavily bolstered by the English contribution through the Barnett formula. The EU money that it puts up is 50% the money we’ve contributed in the first place that they’ve graciously decided to give us back.

It reeks of SNP hypocrisy that they claim to so hate the English and yet they are happy to take English money via Barnett and via the EU.

The truth is that these projects are 75% funded by the UK taxpayer and 25% by the EU. Wouldn’t it be so much better to fund these things ourselves and for our own government to decide which project the money would be spent on?

And it would save an awful lot of money on road signs too…


8 responses to “Scottish EU propaganda

  1. I fecking hate those puerile, patronising and ego-inflated ‘doing or making better it for you’ slogans.

    Just build the bloody roads, empty the bins and police properly etc. What we expect and pay you to do.

  2. Wheatybarkid

    EU money was used to install a bus shelter in Skerray even though the last bus was just before Christ left Dumbarton!

  3. The Jannie

    The Schottische Nazional Socialist Party at work again; desperate to get some real power and equally desperate to give it away to the EUSSR. From each as much as can be wrung, to each as little as 4king possible.

  4. Kath Gillon

    We have a very similar situation here in Nottinghamshire. This road funded by the EU, this collage funded by the EU. Of course it’s all half truths if you had seen our monthly council rag, full of all the things the EU does for us! and who funded this propaganda? Well our council tax of course. What they don’e say in the blurb is that the collage was mostly paid for by Notts residents and it over ran by approx 12 million pounds all paid for from our council tax. What a bunch of liars.

  5. You forgot to mention Comrade Urquhart’s train set, the socialist tram system, all funded by the glorious EU

  6. The Jannie

    “this collage funded by the EU” Sorry, Kath, but my pedant’s sense of humour couldn’t let go of the image of hard-hatted and hi-vizzed site staff sticking bits of paper, flowers and glitter to a wall!

  7. Kath Gillon

    Sorry Jannie that’s my dyslexia kicking in, it’s worse when I am riled as I just don’t see the mistakes at all. 🙂 My school report always said “must try harder” maybe an EU funded college would have made my dyslexia magically vanish! But in my day the EU wasn’t the huge cash cow it is now.

    • In my day we were in the Common Market NOT the European Union.

      Of course the traitor Heath knew what we were getting into which is why he’s on record as saying “If we tell the public the truth, they’ll never go for it!”

      I’d personally dig the SOB up, rip his corpse apart, distribute the limbs to the four corners of the kingdom and put his head on a pole on Westminster Bridge as a warning to all traitors everywhere…