Boris the mole

I’m a great lover of conspiracy theories and just once in a while, one comes along that a really hum dinger.

Now I know that Cameron is desperate to bully and con us into staying in the EU, but now it’s being put about that Boris Johnson is secretly a Europhile and that his previous comments and – wait for it – his family allegiances – prove that he really thinks we should vote in even though he’s prominent in the out camp.

Why? Well it seems that Boris is a bumbling clown that can’t be taken seriously – which explains why he’s mayor of London and an MP sitting in at cabinet meetings. Clearly only idiots would be allowed to attend cabinet. On the other hand, there could be a point that’s hard to argue there, so best change tack…

No, Boris is there to discredit the out camp by proving them to be a bunch of loonies who are best written off. Much of this has come on the back of his comments about Obama sticking his nose into our business. Frankly, I totally agree with Boris on that one. Obama wants us in the EU so that he can use his favourite puppet PM to get the US viewpoint over. He really doesn’t give a toss whether it’s good for us or not, as long as the good ol’ U S of A keeps it’s influence in the EU.

Well, when you look at Trump and Clinton I think the Americans are on thin ice writing off Boris. I find his pronouncements on the EU credible and his reasons for thinking that way quite clear. Anyone that tries to write Boris Johnson off as a fool is seriously underestimating the man who I personally hope will be leading this country back to it’s rightful place in the world – outside the EU and standing on it’s own feet.

Only a fool would take Boris for a mole, but unfortunately there’s a lot of them about. Especially in politics.


4 responses to “Boris the mole

  1. Boris is not a fool. Far from it. Unfortunately,he also has some authoritarian tendencies…

  2. Oddly enough to me Boris seems to be looking the only one on the horizon to put some sort of sanity back into the HoC. The bumbling clown act is just exactly that, an act. Calculating and smart he maybe a fool he certainly ain’t.

  3. Boris is not a fool in view of the offer of a cabinet post from Cameron in return for sabotaging the Leave faction

    • Not sure Cameron had any choice but to offer him a post. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer still” somebody once said.

      Also not sure I’m falling for the conspiracy theory either – but in this neverendum shitfest anything is possible! I’ll be glad when it’s all over and we can get on with leaving…