Sod off, Obama!

Now let me say right up front that although many people deride Obama, I don’t think he’s been that bad a President as they go. I think he’s been amazingly frustrated by the people around him and stopped from doing many of things he felt strongly about. I’m not an expert on the U S of A but that’s my view as a foreigner.

However, the difference between me and Mr Obama is that I don’t fly half way around the world to tell other people how they should live their lives. It’s none of my business because it’s their country not mine.

So you can imagine how I feel about the man’s visit to the UK this week. Fair enough he says he wanted to wish the Queen a happy 90th birthday in person but he should have bloody well stopped there.

Obama reckons that the EU was formed to ensure peace in Europe after the war. Well that’s bollocks, Mr President. The EU arose from the Red House Agreement when the nazi industrialists realised that the Third Reich was royally fucked and they needed to start planning for the Fourth. The great plan was the EU. After all it worked for Prussia when they took over the much larger Germany, so why shouldn’t it work for Germany taking over Europe? And they were right, because it is working.

The organisation that has brought – comparative – peace to Europe is NATO not the EU so if you’re going to try teach us history, then at least try to get it right. After all, you are supposed to be a major player in NATO so you ought to have a better grasp of the facts, shouldn’t you?

Then Onama goes on to lecture us about staying in the EU. He says that the UK’s voice in european and world affairs would be diminished if we vote to leave. Well, that’s bollocks too, isn’t it? What Obama is really saying is that if we leave the EU then America’s voice in the Europe is diminished because the ‘special relationship’ ensures that America has a puppet PM at the European top table. He doesn’t give a fuck about the UK’s status, he’s just worried about his own country’s status.

I have no problem with a country putting it’s own interests first, but be honest about it and stop trying to bullshit us.

And while we’re at it, let’s not kid ourselves that America would for a single instant be prepared to enter into the sort of political arrangement that is the EU. Good enough for us, not good enough for them. That makes Obama not just a liar but a hypocrite as well.

So here’s my advice to you Mr President : Go home and enjoy the rest of your term in office and keep your nose out of our affairs. We stood alone in 1940 while we were waiting for you to join in the fight against the Germans and we sure as hell can bloody well do it again!!


6 responses to “Sod off, Obama!

  1. Damn right, Mr. D.

  2. There are those who say he has a right to speak out. As a private individual, he is entitled to an opinion. In his role as POTUS, he is the head of a foreign power and as such, has no right whatsoever to comment on or attempt to influence our internal affairs. Perhaps Cameroid should fly to Washington and lecture the American electorate on how to vote next November? No? Well, fuck off and leave our elections alone, then.

  3. Well, as an American, I’m a little shocked to say that I agree with you for the most part.

  4. The EU arose from the Red House Agreement when the nazi industrialists realised that the Third Reich was royally fucked and they needed to start planning for the Fourth…

    Got it in one. I’ve always thought there is something Nazi-like about the EU.


  5. I think his comments were great and made my mind up. …. if he wants us to stay in then its out for me

  6. No foreign Head of State has any right to come here and have the f**king nerve to tell us what to do, So Obama can f**k right off to start with. Not content with that he then threatened us with the old “back of the queue” trick. We don’t respond well to threats as Hitler, Kaiser Bill, Napoleon and Phillip II of Spain found out.

    What I found particularly vomit inducing was all the labour luvvies, SJW’s, gender free muppets and other dross fawn all over Obummer. I had to switch off as the blood pressure was going through the roof.