Why Labour supporters should vote ‘Leave’

Right – let’s get this out of the way right up front. I’m not a Labour voter. Never have been and never will be. I’ve always voted Conservative – apart from the odd occasion when I voted Monster Raving Loonie because a friend of mine was standing in John Redwood’s safe seat. Oh – and once when I voted UKIP in my current safe Tory seat. Anyhow, never Labour.

But I would rather put up with the destructive economic and social policies of a Labour government than stay in the EU and be lectured to by a Vichy type EU puppet in number 10.

Anyway, let’s assume I’m a left wing Labour voter. How should I vote in the EU neverendum? Well, I’d want to see Cameron kicked out of office. Hell, after the way he’s conducted himself, I already want to see him kicked out! But I digress. The best way to bring down the current Conservative dictatorship is for the ‘Leave’ campaign to triumph on June 23rd. Cameron would be out of a job the next day and, after all the crap that’s been spouted by Osborne in the last week or two, he’d have absolutely no chance of taking over.

Ask yourself this : After the failed negotiations and Dave’s dodgy deal, would he be the right man to take us out of the EU? Of course not.

On June 24th the Conservative Party would be in outright civil war. You could watch it disintegrate in front of your very eyes. Not even Boris Johnson could put Humpty Tory back together again. Certainly there would be no chance of it coming back together in time to be a viable party to fight the 2020 General Election with even the remotest chance of holding onto power.

So my advice to you Mr Labour Activist, Mr Socialist Worker, Mr NUS, Mr Trade Unionist, Mr Labour Voter is to decide whether you want to get the Conservatives out and install a Labour government. And would you rather do that or remain in the Fourth Reich?

So if you want to see Labour back in power, vote ‘Leave’ on June 23rd. Even with my right wing view of politics, I could live with it…


4 responses to “Why Labour supporters should vote ‘Leave’

  1. backofanenvelope

    Corbyn could have stood up and said vote leave. It would have been entirely consistent with what he has said over the years. Why didn’t he? Because he is thick!

    • Not at all. It’s just that too many of the upper echelons of the Labour Party are champagne socialists and so for them the EU is the Bees Knees. For political reasons that’s the one grouping he doesn’t want to upset.

  2. Quite agree Dioclese. I’m not a Labour voter either (UKIP actually), but even I would rather have a Labour Government under Corbyn that further government from the EU. The difference being, that we can’t remove the latter. Ever.

  3. As I have commented before, I think, contrary to you, that Boris will step in and do a good job of leading us out of the EU. Whether he will remain in power or hand over to someone else, remains to be seen, but he is no-ones fool! May be seen to be a buffoon, but has a smart mind. I agree that if we vote to leave, Cameron and Osborne are toast. And there are plenty of good replacements in the Conservative Party, we just don’t hear about them because they don’t pander to No. 10.