Democracy is undemocratic

Even by the standards of the unelected bureaucracy of the European Union, this one is a real cracker!

Fraser Cameron is a former European Commission official and Senior Adviser with Cambre Associates, a Brussels-based, integrated public relations and public affairs consultancy – and he’s had the unmitigated bare faced cheek to suggest that holding a referendum before the EU introduces a new piece of legislation – that’s legislation that’s formulated by people we didn’t elect – is undemocratic. FFS!

He reckons that letting the people have their say on what laws they are governed by is definitely not the way to go. Why? Well, he’s a bit pissed off that the Dutch held a referendum on whether to allow the Ukraine to enter in to a free trade area with the EU. The Dutch rejected the plan by 64% to 36% – which has annoyed Fraser especially because if the turnout had been under 30% then the Dutch government could have ignored it!

“President’ Juncker – who you will remember was vehemently opposed by David Cameron but who he is now sucking up to – reckons that the Dutch vote is a huge blow because it appeases Putin. What a load of bollocks! They don’t like it because they don’t want any EU country refusing to do what it is told.

So what’s the answer? Well, according to Fraser the answer is to outlaw referenda. After all, we can’t have self determination and free thinking in the Fourth Reich, can we?

Here’s Mr Cameron’s thinking : “As regards passing judgement on EU policies it is hardly democratic that 30% of the voters in one member state can block a policy approved by 27 Member States. One could make a case for an EU-wide referendum on some major issue such as direct elections for the Commission President but a referendum in just one Member State on EU policies does not make sense.

Well, it makes perfect sense to me because it stops you jackbooting bastards trampling all over us…


4 responses to “Democracy is undemocratic

  1. I was down my local the other night, in the company of a loony leftie. Seems we have to vote remain because it’s all been engineered by Murdoch and if we vote leave, we are giving more power to him….

    Honestly, they walk amongst us.


    • And to think said leftie has a vote: it’s frightening. If we actually lived in a democracy, it would be terrifying.

  2. Please remember the founding principles of the EUSSR. Soon they will be on every building once occupied by the counter-revolutionaries and oppressors of the Proletariat who even now are desperately pleading for Big Brother Junker and Inner Party Leader Tusk to lead them to true Socialism… Remember:
    Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, War is Peace, and of course, Rapefugees are part of the Religion of Peace (see rule 3).
    TTFN 🙂

    • And how apt it was that Corbyn gave his speech today in the very building that Orwell based the Ministry of Truth on. You couldn’t make it up!