No poofs please – we’re muslims…

I am indebted to my friend Kath for pointing out this little gem of a newspiece about the religion of peace and tolerance…

A poll carried out last week by ICM found that 52% of muslims living in the UK think that homosexuality should be illegal.

It found only 34% would tell the police if they thought someone they knew was getting involved with supporters of terrorism in Syria and 4% said they sympathise with people who take part in suicide bombing to fight injustice.

39% think that women should always bet their husbands – well I might have some sympathy for that view wee it not for the fact that Mrs D would never agree to it!

More encouragingly though is that only 23% think that Shariah law should be introduced so at least 77% seem to have some sort of common sense.

So while we’re banging on about multiculturalism and integration perhaps these results might indicate that it’s only the native Brits that want to integrate because it seems that the muslims don’t want to. So at the risk of a big burly copper banging on my door telling me that what I’m about to say is unacceptable – or at the bigger risk of some raghead with a sword popping round to chop my head off, let me just say this :

I don’t mind you practicing your religion in my country, but don’t try to stop me doing the same. If you don’t like poofs that’s fine but as long as they mind their own bit of knitting they should be allowed to get on with it. If you don’t agree with British law, that fine as long as you agree to be governed by it.

Because at the end of the day, you came to our country to live so abide by our rules and standards and you’re welcome. I don’t go to the USA and say “Fuck your constitution because I don’t like it” because I am a guest in a foreign country.

If you don’t feel you can live here as we do, then feel free to fuck off back to the third world shit hole you came here to get away from. Don’t try and drag my country down the crapper…


5 responses to “No poofs please – we’re muslims…

  1. I wonder if The Grauniad (the well-known tax dodgers) would print your words of wisdom. Accurate & succinct. 10/10.

  2. Kath Lissenden

    Glad you enjoyed this little gem I knew you would. I can only concur with your piece and nod in agreement at my friend Ted’s comment.

  3. Oh that we had leaders who felt the same way as you.


  4. “Is it still our Country?” absolutely not dear boy, run by Poofs,marxists, feminists,paedos and you know who…. (the joos). BTW What’s up with the PBUH on the mohammad signs? anybody.. anybody… buller? just kidding I’ll take a stab peanut butter urine hamsandwich Also is mohammad mad about ham mo…. I’ve always wondered!