It’s nice being a bastard…

I never liked Justin Welby. I always rated him as a superior, smug bastard – but now it turns out that he really is a bastard…

Seems mummy, the Lady Williams of Elvel (naturally being the son of a titled lady had nothing to do with him getting the top job) was a naughty girl and was shagging around with Sir Anthony Montague Browne just before she married. Such low moral standards, don’tcha know?

But according to Welby, the revelation is a marvellous thing! “I know that I find who I am in Jesus Christ, not in genetics, and my identity in him never changes.” says he. “Although there are elements of sadness, and even tragedy in my father’s (Gavin Welby’s) case, this is a story of redemption and hope from a place of tumultuous difficulty and near despair in several lives.”

So I’ve revised my opinion of him. He’s a superior, smug, sanctimonious bullshitting bastard.

God must be pissing himself laughing…


3 responses to “It’s nice being a bastard…

  1. There may be an argument to suggest that his non biological father might not have had a such a bad time had he not married the bastard’s mother. And Welby odd’s of making it to high office would probably have been scuppered.

  2. Indeed Mr D, a total unmitigated 24 carat twat.

  3. My first thought on hearing this “news” was to wonder why anyone would release this info about himself into the public domain, much less – as our host comments – apparently revel in the news of both his bastardy and his mother’s lack of taste.

    I’ve read elsewhere, although it might be a trifle exaggerated, that this was a not-so-subtle way for Welby to let it be known that he’s not a Jew after all. Accordingly, he can be accepted by Moslems as a 2nd class human rather than someone who’s 5th class. Anyway, unless this was going to be released into the media anyway and Welby’s statement was thus a pre-emption, I’ve got to agree with flaxensaxon’s description.

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