Work is for mugs

I worry sometimes that the British worker has lost his work ethic. Every day I see people sitting in their cars outside my house playing with their phones or generally fucking about because they don’t want to get to work five minutes early. In my day, if you were five minutes early, you just got on with it.

However, that’s nothing compared to the French who are taking to the streets of Paris rioting because they oppose reforms to the Labour Code which will make it easier to fire workers who don’t pull their weight.

After all, it must be terrible to have to work a standard 35 hour week for a minimum wage of €466 and be forced to put up with a minimum of 5 weeks paid holiday every year. Anything over 35 hours must be paid as overtime.

The youth unemployment rate in France is around 25% and the proposed changes are being introduced to try to bolster the flagging French economy. The unions says they erode workers rights – their ‘bill of rights’ comprises a book longer than the bible.

The code is already pretty generous to the workers. For example, EDF employees who work more than 35 hours a week have been eligible for an additional 23 days off a year on top of the standard 27 – a total of 10 weeks’ paid vacation. Needless to say, EDF would like to renegotiate the arrangement. Good luck with that…

So let’s take to the streets and have a damn good riot. Let’s threaten strike action. Any excuse not to have to do any work.

The British might be a bit lazy and work shy but the French seem to be turning it into an art form…


2 responses to “Work is for mugs

  1. They always did 😉

  2. Haven’t they got a really lefty government at present? The kind of government that likes to reward this kind of thing and punish the successful?