A bad week for Cameron

Oh dear! The poor old PM has had a bad week.

Well, he’s really only got himself to blame. First there was the row over the Panama Papers and whether he had money off shore. Seems his father ran an off shore trust and left him some shares when he died. Cameron sold the shares. Fair enough,. Nothing wrong or illegal in that – but then he made an arse of himself by taking five days, constantly changing his position, to come out and say so. Eye off the ball and all that!

Then there’s the row over him spending £9.3 million of the taxpayers money to fund his EU propaganda leaflet. Another error of judgement compounding the earlier error of judgement in deciding to push for an ‘In’ vote after failing to secure any sort of deal with the EU.

And to round it off, his approval rating is the lowest since 2013. According to YouGov 58% of people think Cameron is doing a bad job compared to only 52% for Corbyn. And Corbyn is rated as likely to do a better job on tax avoidance than Cameron. No surprise on the latter, but when people reckon Corbyn is better at his job than you, then you know you’re in the shit big time!

All this is hardly surprising. Cameron is so obsessed with Project Fear and the chance of losing the referendum that the government is running on autopilot. Government departments are all but shut down while their heads are off pushing the neverendum. If this was an aircraft, we’d be waiting for the fuel to run out or for the plane to plow into a mountain because nobody is at the controls.

So, Mr Cameron, I have to tell you that if you are having a bad time, then it’s entirely your own fault…


3 responses to “A bad week for Cameron

  1. I’m shamelessly indulging in schadenfreude. In spades!

    • Yeah. My heart bleeds for him.
      I was glad to see the back of Labour who wrecked the economy and opened the immigration flood gates. I was glad to see the back of Clegg and the invisible man Cable – but DC has been a huge disappointment…