Repatriation of migrants


Yesterday the law passed in Greece to deport illegal irregular migrants comes into effect.

It’s a real problem if you’re thinking of going to Greece for your summer holiday. Over the weekend a friend of mine was telling me that his mate has just returned from Lesbos which is one of the hotspots for migrants crossing over from Turkey. He was telling us that there are so many migrants now in Lesbos that the island is sinking under the weight. He was having to literally push his way through crowds of them every time he went out of the hotel.

But it’s OK because now we are going to deport them back to Turkey. All part of the multi billion Euro bribe that we’re being forced to pay Turkey in addition to fast tracking them into the EU and letting them travel without passports. As Nigel Farage so eloquently put it “we’re solving the illegal migrant problem by making them legal.” So how many migrants do you think will be sent back to Turkey in the next few weeks? I’m guessing not a lot as neither country is actually fully prepared.

But it won’t stop Syrians coming to Europe because for every one sent back to Turkey, we’re going to bring in one from the camps on the Turkish/Syrian border. So far the one’s earmarked for Turkish deportation seem to be mainly from Pakistan, not Syria. And compared to the flood still crossing the Med, the repatriation is an insignificant trickle. But at least it makes the politicians look like they’re doing something – although what they’re really doing is opening the doors to millions of Turks.

The problem is also that once Turkey joins the EU, the ‘boat people’ can walk into the EU without bothering with the boats as they will have a direct land border with Syria, Iran and Iraq. It might stop migrants drowning, but it makes it easier for them to enter the EU. So how does this actually address the problem?

And it gets worse, because now the United Nations has stuck its sticky beak into the problem And not in a good way. The UN reckons that the EU / Turkish deal could be – wait for it – illegal! WTF!

Well, according to Peter Sutherland, the UN secretary general’s special representative for international migration and development, collective deportations ‘without having regard to the individual rights of those who claim to be refugees are illegal’

So basically we’re not allowed to send illegal migrants back because that would be illegal?!?

The lunatics are definitely taking over the asylum….


3 responses to “Repatriation of migrants

  1. To be fair they are willing to help with the out of control numbers……….they’re threatening to kill themselves.

  2. Let’s see if I’ve understood this:
    The EU give Erdogan-the-mad billions (of our money, natch) and then he will “allow” a few hundred luxury-seekers back from Greece, whilst still arming ISIS, stealing oil revenues for his family and still sending hundreds of thousands of “migrants” from all over Africa & Asia to Europe.
    So we should stay in the EU because it works in our best interests?