Water shit down…?

FFS! Channel 5 have been slated for showing Watership Down on Easter Sunday. Apparently they’ve been bombarded by complaints from parents that far from being a cute tale of bunnies in their natural habitat, the movie – based on Richard Adams’ 1972 novel – is a bit of a violent, scary tale which includes scenes of rabbits being killed.

Where have these arseholes been hiding for the last 38 years? The film was made in 1978 so are these people seriously going to expect us to believe that they never watched it as kids? It’s so old that even their grandparents could have watched it as kids!

I assume that whilst these idiots are busy wrapping their kids up in cotton wool that they take a similar view of Tom the cat knocking seven shades of shit out of poor little Jerry.

Bloody fools…!


9 responses to “Water shit down…?

  1. It’s just a cry for attention from those who are terminally cerebrally challenged…

  2. When was the last time the original T & J were broadcast on mainstream TV? And the rest…

    beep beep

  3. Its a stupid thing to bitch about considering all the filth on tv nowadays they are concerned bout a cartoon bout rabbits getting killed. Its actually a decent film, it is awkward to play on easter but theres better things to complain about.

    It is peculiar that they played it though… then it occurred to me how pro-migrant Watership down is that theme seemed to fly over peoples head.
    Watership Down is a quest narrative about a group of migrants, forced out across open land after their burrow is bulldozed. Along the way they brave harsh weather, roaming foxes and a nightmarish settlement where the inhabitants are being fattened up for the farmer’s pot.

    • Next you’ll be putting them into inflatable boats with rags on their heads.
      Oh – wasn’t there a bit of that in there somewhere?… 😉

  4. I used to (or rather, attempted to because they bred faster than I could kill them) exterminate the fluffy buggers with cyanide gas. I think the instruction basically said ‘don’t eat it or breathe in the fumes’. It was a powder that released the gas in humid conditions (e.g. a burrow).

    Found it..

    Hmm….that can looks remarkably similar to one I had.

    Actually, I suspect it’s more or less XyKlon B

  5. Tis indeed, Xyklon B Mr Prog. Please don’t take it into the shower with you. What’s with the Prussians and Prussic acid? Great advocate of DDT meself and keep a large drum in the garage to control creepy crawlies; neighbourhood cats; neighbourhood dogs and of course, naughty neighbours.

  6. Kath Lissenden

    It’s just more stupid people being stupid and continuing the stupid gene that predominates in the breeding age population today! This ludicrous Utopia where no one is nasty , no one kills anyone and no one dies EVER and we can all protect ourselves and our children from all of life’s nasty little truths. It seems rewriting History is now also becoming a hobby for the ban it brigade! When will these morons realise you can’t go against human nature and deny, the bad and wicked acts of the world. Just because you choose not to see it does not make you blind.

    • Becomes more Orwellian every day doesn’t it? Ministry of Truth, Doublespeak…?

      I met Orwell’s adopted son on a boat trip once. He was a total arsehole!