The power of prediction…


When I wrote my post on Sunday showing the barbaric crucifixion of dissenters by the lunatics in ISIS, I didn’t think I’d be writing another piece today announcing that they’ve gone a step further.

It seems that the maniacs have kidnapped a Catholic priest, Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, and crucified him on Good Friday just to show their complete contempt for any religion that isn’t theirs and the Christian religion in particular. And this time it happened in Yemen – which gives you a fair idea of just how far their reach is extending.

Father Thomas was taken by ISIS gunmen who attacked an old people’s home in Aden, southern Yemen, killing at least 15 people, on March 4th.

The Vatican’s Secretary of State Pietro Parolin said earlier this month that Pope Francis ‘was shocked and profoundly saddened’ to learn of ‘this act of senseless and diabolical violence.’ No way do I condone this priest’s brutal murder, but the Vatican seem to think that this is far more serious than the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades or actions of Queen Mary burning protestants at the stake. Could this be because this time is was done by muslims to christians rather than the other way around? Short memories. Hypocrisy. “As we sow, so shall we reap” as it says in the bible.

You will have guessed that I’m not religious. I do however support the right of people to believe what they like and to worship as they wish – just as long as it doesn’t involve forcing their belief system down my throat.

Unfortunately there are people out there who believe that people who don’t agree with them should be tortured and murdered. Even more unfortunately, that belief is not restricted to Islam. Perhaps the Pope would do well to remember that.


5 responses to “The power of prediction…

  1. Getting real tired of islam, this religion of peace is bullshit. What’s more baffling is liberal’s protection of islam you say one critical thing about terrorists or moslems and before you can even get it out.. they say “racist!”. What a word that is thankfully I don’t care too much about the word racist. Its a meaningless word used for political distraction but boy is it bloody effective.

    If the sunni and shiite tribe(lol shite) can’t get along what makes people(liberals, conservatives) think that they will assimilate well into western culture? It’s madness call a duck a duck, this forced assimilation really is white genocide I fully believe that.

    There’s nothing tolerant about Islam it’s anti-tolerance and no sympathy allowed, there might be good muslims but I usually run the other direction don’t care to find out .. good article but the confusing thing is catholic sites are saying nothing happened damage control perhaps? we will find out soon enough

    • I’m beginning to think the only way to fight fire is with fire – and as far as I can seem they’ve got all the matches!
      Funny how stories like this don’t make the front pages isn’t it?

      • “Funny how stories like this don’t make the front pages isn’t it?” absolutely but it isn’t baffling, at least not to me. The jews own 99% of Mainstream Media most of the important stories are removed whatever destroys the narrative is kept off. With this diversity agenda you would think the global leaders were rebuilding the tower of babel… maybe they are lol. Dark Days ahead I believe, this can’t get any better.

  2. To be fair to the Catholics,they gave this stuff up several hundred years ago.

  3. Like the poor shopkeeper who was brutally murdered, there are decent Muslims out there. But, for every one of the nutters that carry out appalling and cowardly acts, I think we can assume there are many, many, thousands living in the UK who applaud such extremism. Indeed, I was chatting with a friend (my butcher) about the Scottish murder and mentioned that one of his suppliers (of cakes…) also has a lot of Muslim customers – and was surprised by how many had expressed support of the terrorists bombings in Belgium and France.