Robbing Peter…

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Foreign aid. A subject always close to my heart. Fine when you’ve got the money, but charity begins at home.

We give away £12 billion a year in foreign aid since the idiot Clegg forced the coagulation government to adopt the 0.7% of GDP abitrary Fourth Reich measure. So where does it go? What do we piss it up the wall on?

Well, 40% of it goes to “multinational organisations’ such as the United Nations. The UN last year spent £7 million of the ‘aid’ money it received on spin doctors to promote it’s own image.

The remaining 60% is ‘bilateral’ – in other words we give it direct to foreign governments. Countries like India and China who you might think don’t really need it as they are better off than us. And you’d be right.

And some of the odder stuff? How about £1million to fund a project sending people around the world to teach the natives English folk songs? Or a BBC project for Somalia to give tips to illegal immmigrants on how to get to the UK? I kid you not!

And here’s a classic – £3,400 was spent on the scheme to find female partners for the endangered Mangarahara cichlid fish in Madagascar.

So why did I call this article ‘Robbing Peter’? Well because we’re robbing Peter to pay Paul, because we don’t actually have the £12 billion a year we’ve committed to. The government borrows it so they can give it away. No wonder the world thinks the UK is a soft touch!!!

And that’s probably why when surveyed recently, only 3% of the respondents support our aid ‘programme’

The Daily Mail has launched an ePetition to put a stop to it. It’ll likely get the usual lip service, but I urge you to sign it anyway…


4 responses to “Robbing Peter…

  1. Borrowing money to give away might be the actions of an economic illiterate fool but I try to ignore Osborne if I can. Unfortunately it all doesn’t just stop at overseas aid. An old story from last year pointed out another scam being pulled on the poor old ripped off British taxpayer in which the NHS gets charged for treatment of foreigners in their own country. Happy Easter Monday.

  2. I signed it, which I don’t usually do with petitions, but these charlatans need to be told that we are not all happy to have our money pissed away on foreign aid.

  3. The 0.7% of GDP is a UN directive as is the soon required increase to 1% .

    • Just because it’s a UN directive doesn’t mean we have to take an notice of it. Countries all over the world ignore UN directives when it suits them. Just ask the French…