Let’s talk Turkey

You might find this a bit heavy for an Easter Saturday but thats just too bad because Nigel Farage – whatever you might think of him – is here talking one hell of a lot of sense about the supposed ‘deal’ between the EU and Turkey.

Well worth a couple of minutes of your life to listen to this and then ask yourself whether you really want to remain in this shitfest of a union…?


3 responses to “Let’s talk Turkey

  1. I’ll wager that in the background there somewhere Cameron’s two co-conspirators of Europe’s demise, Juncker and Schulz, were sneering at Farage.

  2. Can’t see a link:- Am I missing something?

    • Works on mine and others can see it – it’s an embedded video so suggest it might be something your end? You should just see the video at the head of the post.