Another reason to leave the EU

This Joanna Dennehy – lunatic multiple murderer – jailed for life for killing three men.

Joanna is asking for compensation because segregation at HMP Bronzefield makes her ‘upset’. She had been segregated from the general prison population because authorities discovered a planned breakout plot that involved cutting off a guard’s finger and using it to trick security biometrics. Nice…

She is suing the prison claiming she is the victim of disability discrimination and “torture or degrading treatment” under Human Rights laws. What about the Human Rights of the people she butchered?

It’s appalling that the EU should be able to force a piece of legislation on us that allows people like this to take legal action because being punished for their crimes amounts to a violation of their Human Rights.

If ever there was a case for the death penalty, then surely this is it? It would clearly have been more humane to hang her. Then, at least, we wouldn’t be forking out taxpayers money to keep her in prison and for her lawyer to bring such a ridiculous case to court.

It’s also a pretty good justification for being allowed to make our own laws – and we can’t do that while we’re in the EU…


2 responses to “Another reason to leave the EU

  1. Call me old fashioned but my perspective is if you violate someone else’s human rights, let’s face it murder is a quite serious violation, you diminish your own to the basics, food and shelter. Nothing more.

  2. Well Flyinthesky, if I had my way the only basics she would be getting is the final breakfast followed by a morning session of neck stretching.