Now he can’t even face the house

Prime Minister's Questions
Just when you thought that Cameron couldn’t get any weaker, witness this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions. Cameron was out of the door faster than a migrant jumping of a boat in Greece!

Why? Well, could it possibly be because the next item to be raised was an urgent item by John Redwood about the deal being put together between the EU and Turkey? Redwood’s question was officially put to Cameron, but he’d done a runner leaving the hapless Foreign Office’s Europe minister, David Lidington, to take the flak.

Redwood wanted to know whether would we have to let 77 million Turks into Britain and how many billions was it costing us? Lidington claimed that we had an opt-out on the Turk-migration aspect – but we’ve heard that one before haven’t we?

And all this in a week where it was revealed that the number of Romanians sleeping on the streets of London has increased by 90 per cent in a year. According to official figures, there are 7,581 people living rough in London and around 20% are Romanians. One in three of the total – some 36 per cent – are from Central and Eastern European countries that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007, including Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland.

And the Turks are blackmailing us into taking in more migrants. The French have threatened to put migrants on boats and send them to England if we vote to quit the EU.

Is it any wonder that our steelyspined PM is running for cover?


2 responses to “Now he can’t even face the house

  1. Yes, I noticed him do a quick runner from the H of C on Wednesday. I thought he rushed out before he wet himself with laughter at Corbyn’s performance. Oh for the days when we had real statesmen (or Mrs Thatcher) who put the country first, and not their own grubby little interests.

    Or was he rushing out to put his bid in for a seat on the Brussels Gravy train.

  2. From where I’m sitting this situation in the EU is moving from looking pretty bad into impending disaster.