This is a good deal?!?

So after days of ‘difficult and intense negotiation’, the Fourth Reich has capitulated to the Turks. It seems the anything is fine as long as it doesn’t jeopardise Turkish admission to the EU…

Can anyone explain to me exactly how the ‘deal’ being reached between the Reich and Turkey is going to reduce the number of migrants coming in to Europe? The plan is that the ‘irregular’ migrants reaching Greece will be returned to Turkey – provided that for each each one returned Europe takes one ‘genuine’ refugee from the camps on the Syrian border and resettles them in the EU.

So basically the same number of migrants enter Europe – only, of course, the ‘irregular’ migrants will continue to come anyway. And in return for this, Turkey gets visa free entry into the EU. This means that not only do we get a continuing flow of illegals, but also a load of ‘legals’ as well as a load of Turks.

And what does the EU get in return? Well, bugger all actually except for a bill for €6 billion in Turkish blackmail money and an even bigger increase in migration than we have at the moment.

And while we’re at it, how are we going to get those migrants onto the boats in Greece to return them to Turkey? I foresee a few problems in that. They’re not exactly going to go quietly are they?

But Britain doesn’t need to worry because we’ve got Cameron and his first rate negotiating skills. According to Cave-In-Dave, Britain has ‘an absolutely rock-solid opt-out from these things, so there’s no prospect of Britain joining a common asylum process in Europe’

I’ll believe that when I see it…


5 responses to “This is a good deal?!?

  1. During WW1, Turkey supported Germany. During WW2, Turkey was neutral, but was inclined to support Germany. The Moslem organisations in the Middle East tended to support Germany. Merkel wants to build up an unassailable German supporting base in the EU. Yes, she wants the EU to become the Forth Reich. How about Heil Merkel as the official greeting in Europe.

    • Quite. As I’ve said before this is just the third great European war fought with politics and economics instead of tanks and bombers.
      You can’t trust the Turks or the Germans…

    • Of course our great finger on the pulse PM Cameron sees through ruse doesn’t he………………….doesn’t he?

  2. Kath Lissenden

    I read this over at the speccy today and wept….. this is what Europe brings us. Shoot me now I want to get off.