Wot! The council tax is going up!?

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Nobody likes to have to pay more on their Council Tax. It’s not nice. Oh, no it isn’t! And here in Smalltown we’re always diligent in bringing our elected representatives to book when they suggest such a thing.

So last week, when they announced the unthinkable, questions were asked in the Council chamber by our top independent representative, Cllr David Thrifty. “How do you justify this outrageous increase” he demanded to know, “when you’ve held the bills down for the last three years with only a few unavoidable major cuts to front line services!?!”

Well, quite so! The debate raged for several days. The whole town was up in arms, and none more so than Cllr Thrifty.But it seems that there just no more money to be creamed off the top of the budget, so we’re just going to have to grin and bear it. How bad can it be?

Well, it’s an extra £3.42 a year for a band D property.



5 responses to “Wot! The council tax is going up!?

  1. One of the most important things about democracy is in the split of government into national government and various forms of local government: and all government should be at the most local level that is effective and practical for the purposes of that government (including none).

    In this, it is particularly important that government spending (largely) follows taxation by government and the democratic representation of those who decide on taxation.

    Because of this, the current arrangements in the UK are entirely inappropriate!

    Local government (through those elected to do it) does not fund itself from taxation decided by local government. That local government is substantially dependent on taxation raised by national government – and that same local government is then instructed by national government on how top spend the money – and is even stopped (by national government) from raising more money by local taxation.

    The above describes a system of government that does not deserve the name democracy!

    Best regards

  2. It’s also worth mentioning that local councils will insist on spending money on stuff we don’t want and don’t need,as well as paying huge fat-cat salaries to their CEOs.

    • Plus it is estimated around one third of the Council Tax goes to funding their pension scheme.

  3. flaxensaxon

    As I own two homes, tis outrageous I have to pay rates, twice. I wonder whether I could get away by saying my second home is but an extension of my rather large detached first home, although it is 30 miles away. Could set a precedence- has anyone told the politicians?