Stick the kettle on!

What should we do when the stresses of life get too much? – and let’s face it the steam is coming out of our ears at the moment over all this Brexit stuff. The answer’s simple really…

Have a cup of tea!

Well, if you want to make sure you can still get a cup of tea, then we need to leave the EU – because otherwise they’re going to ban our kettles. Well, the ‘high powered’ kettles anyway. All in the name of eco-friendliness and saving the planet.

Remember the fuss over the high powered vacuum cleaners they banned which sent us all rushing out to the shops to buy one while we still could? Remember the filament lightbulbs they banned to force us to use low powered ones that you can’t read by? Well, I do because I’ve got a cupboard full of the old ones! Remember the Euro toilet cisterns we had to swop to, replacing the leakproof British syphon system because they use less water? Except they don’t because they leak.

Well now the Fourth Reich is turning it’s Dalek-like exterminators loose on our kettles, toasters and hairdryers. So as long as you don’t mind walking around with wet hair while you’re waiting for your tea and toast, you’ll be alright.

Has nobody worked out that if you half the power consumption and have to use it for twice as long then you use the same amount of electricity? But I digress…

The point is that the EU supremos have decided to put that all on hold until after we vote to stay in because they’re afraid it might influence the neverendum. Honest. I’m really not making this shit up.

And they’ve delayed forcing us to increase VAT on children’s clothes for the time being as well, but that’s another issue…


16 responses to “Stick the kettle on!

  1. Of course you’re not making it up. You couldn’t. The desperation is palpable.

  2. The thing about the low powered kettle is that it really does use exactly the same amount of electricity (actually slightly more due to greater heat losses) this is just basic physics.

    • Newton’s Law of Thermodynamics isn’t it? School was a long time ago but of course you’re right – the heat loss through the skin of the appliance will mean it takes marginally longer to heat up and therefore uses 2+ times the electric.

      WTF is the matter with these people??? I despair…

  3. Stonyground

    No, not two times the electric, half the amount for twice as long, meaning precisely the same amount. The only practical consequence is that you have to wait longer for your tea. The thing is, how did we arrive at a situation where people who are too ignorant to know this, making decisions that result in them inflicting the consequences of their ignorance on the rest of us?

  4. Also, the line losses between kettle and power station will be the same, so the losses will be twice as much per boiling.

  5. smokingscot

    And boy oh boy do I get right pissed off at these day-time-running-lights in cars. Sure some manufacturers have a sense of humour and do all sorts of interesting things with them. Most don’t – and it just seems they’ve grudgingly forced the side lights to light up always.

    Supposed to make us easier to see in the darker months, but just a waste of fuel for those who live south of the 45th parallel.

    And another pet loathing is this business of all 50cc powered two wheelers being classified as mopeds. 3.4 bhp maximum and a top speed of 45 kph. Factories actually restrict their 50cc offerings to comply with EU regulations. All this does is eff up the motor and transmission and hikes the fuel consumption.

    They go to 16 year olds who then have little choice but ride close to the gutter and that is most certainly NOT the place to be in autumn when we have wet leaves.

    Back in 2008 they did a test of a bunch of 50’s. None anything special, all air cooled scooters and then they could hit from 60 to 74 kph, with pretty darned good fuel consumption. I’d argue they’re far safer and probably have greater appeal to adults who just want something to zip around in town.

    (The liquid cooled scooters can hit perfectly reasonable speeds of 80 to 85 kph.)

    The EU going backwards fast.

    • Quite. They give the rider no option when they have to take avoiding action. A de-restricted machine is safer than a restricted one because the throttle is a useful means of escape. It’s why a large powerful bike is a damned sight safer to ride than a small, low powered one. That performance is there for a reason.

  6. flaxensaxon

    Hey, Mr D, apparently I do get the option to vote as I’ve not been out of the UK for 15 years. Arse.

    • And naturally all the expats living in France and Spain are going to vote to leave aren’t they?

      • Well, had I still been living in France, I would still be voting to leave. Britons have been living in France well before the EU.

    • Do you have to register with the UK or did they come hunting you down in their sheer desperation?

      How come the expats in France and Spain get to vote when the Scots living in England weren’t allowed to vote in the Scottish referendum? Oh! I forgot – it suited Cameron’s purpose to do it that way. Bear in mind these are the wankers who condemned the Crimea referendum for not letting the whole of Ukraine vote and then did the exact opposite with Scotland by not letting the rest of the UK vote.

      Crooked hypocritical bastards!

  7. On the subject of daytime lights on cars, I have a Saab and expected that it would have them on permanently but it doesn’t. I tend to use sidelights when it gets gloomy anyway and the fuel economy is pretty amazing for such a big car that I don’t worry that much about it.

  8. Kath Lissenden

    And let’s not forget the EU drive top have our hoovers changed too so they don’t actually pick up any fluff, which if like us you have a very fluffy dog who moults all year will mean our pet hoover will be banned. I dare say the EU will be banning our dog for needing too many hair cuts involving clippers soon. phucking twats.