Rumble in the Jungle

As Project Fear rolls inexorably onwards, the French are now joining in with Cameron’s well orchestrated drive to scare the crap out of the British voter to make us stay in the Fourth Reich.

Yesterday it was the turn of the Kermit Foreign Minister, Emmanuel Macron, who warned that Brexit would threaten the bilateral relationship between the UK and France. Quite why this would be so is unclear because the Le Touquet Agreement, which allows British authorities to conduct border checks on the French side of the Channel, is absolutely nothing to do with the EU. Leaving or staying shouldn’t effect it one way or the other.

Basically Kermit is saying that if we leave, then France will do everything it can to punish us. Presumably this fit of peek is due to everyone remaining having to make up the shortfall in the shed load of money that we currently fork out?

And all this goes on against the backdrop of French police demolishing the so-called Jungle in Calais and the BSE campaign’s dire warnings that the Jungle would move to England – which is absolute bullshit!

And they announce this on a day when Cameron is meeting Hollande – presumably to work out how to progress Project Fear – or should I say ‘Project le Crainte”?

Orchestrated propaganda that Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of…


5 responses to “Rumble in the Jungle

  1. backofanenvelope

    If we had a real Prime Minister, he would tell the French that any illegal migrants arriving from France will be sent back at once.

    • Yes, that is true – and in the real world that is probably what would happen. The ferry companies wouldn’t get their ships cleared through the ports and would get really pissed off otherwise!

      And if we had a real PM then he’s be telling us the negotiations failed and we should get out…

  2. If the frogs go out of their way to punish us, they”ll only be shooting themselves in the feet anyway. Any Gimmegrant that gets on a ferry will be refused entry to the UK as he/she could quite conceivably have claimed asylum in France, or indeed at the first country of safety (as per the Dublin Agreement), Remember the ferry companies get fined for every illegal that are found on board, so it will be in the carrier’s own interests to increase their security.

    Frankly I think Josef Goebbels would be horrified by this project Fear, as it’s accomplishing precisely the opposite of what was intended. At least his efforts were quite professional !

    Oh, and Dioclese me auld mucker, it a “fit of pique” 🙂

  3. Presumably they are having to run with Project Fear because they can’t come up with any substantial benefits as to why we should remain shackled to the club that is disintegrating and unfolding before our very eyes. The fact that Cameron with his defeatist attitude thinks we are so useless that we could not function outside this failing undemocratic organisation akin to the former USSR is frankly shameful for a British Prime Minister and should be removed urgently.