Doing the brown bin shuffle

6025282-largeA Small Town Man post…

Here in Smalltown we’re very big on being green – or even brown as it happens! Oh, yes. When it comes to recycling and what’s good for the environment we’re never forwards in going backwards.

Which is why we were quite upset when Smalltown council announced that it was going to do away with compostable waste collections and restrict our brown bins to garden waste only. And then we got really upset when they said that they were going to charge us £40 a year for a reduced service. Let’s face it, here in Smalltown we don’t like paying for anything we used to get for nothing. Or paying for anything at all really, if we’re honest.

But we digress. What are we supposed to do with the bins if we’re not going to pay the charges? We asked local councillor, Dusty Brown. He said “We are encouraging those that don’t take-up the subscription service to keep the brown bin. Experience from elsewhere has shown that people make alternative use of them or decide, perhaps at a later date, to opt for the convenience of a garden waste service. Clearly, we are seeking to avoid the cost to the council tax payer of collecting large numbers of bins, storing them and then re-delivering them

In other words “Do what you like. We don’t care. We don’t want them. Your problem”

We asked whether we should take them to the local recycling centre? “Unfortunately the Household Waste Recycling Centres will not accept our bins at their sites.” Their sites? I though they were operated by the council? Never mind. Here’s another idea.

Why not cut up the brown bin and put it in the black bin? Surely that would work? Well, no – because we don’t actually own the bins. They belong to the council so we could be charged for destroying council property!

So one of our locals has come up with a brilliant idea. He’s written to the council saying that if they don’t remove their property from his land, he’s going to charge them £40 a year for storing it. Watch this space!!!

Personally, we reckon there’s going to be a lot of abandoned brown bins in the council car parks any day soon…


8 responses to “Doing the brown bin shuffle

  1. I think it’s time these jobsworths realised who pays their wages and why. Civil disobedience is becoming more attractive by the day and if the drones don’t turn up in sufficient numbers to get us out of the EUSSR I like to think it will become a way of life for some of us.

  2. Aren’t your rubbish collections covered by the council tax like they used to be?

    • Yes, but they’re still reducing the service and charging for the ‘new’ garden waste service. More money for less service!

      • Then I’d say build a compost heap in your own garden and tell them to swivel. You get fertiliser for your herbaceous borders and the pleasure of spending that forty nicker on vino to watch your refreshed garden in the happy knowledge that you’re drinking the money they tried to fleece you out of.

      • Doesn’t really bother me as my garden is a courtyard. Not a blade of grass in sight which is how I wanted it so it fits in with my travel p!ans! Some locals especially in the terraced houses are really pissed off about it. Mrs D resents the fact that her veggie waste will now go to landfill which is a step backwards.

        She’s got a point. I thought the idea of recycling was to reduce landfill – and isn’t there a landfill tax? So how is it saving money?

      • How is it saving money? Having looked at the process, I can’t see scope for any savings. You need three times the garbage trucks and personnel (Garbage, Recyclables, kitchen and compostable waste) to move the recycling to the depot. Staff and machinery to sort and ship it off to China where it gets turned into reclaimed land. On top of that, the EU imposes a ‘landfill tax’ which charges local authorities for every tonne they want to bury.

      • I can’t see it either