Corbyn’s stance on the Neverendum

With all the hoo-hah this week over the spats between the Tory ‘big beasts’ on the issue of our EU membership, you might be asking yourself “What’s the Labour position on Europe?” Well, it turns out that they are just as divided as the Tories but as they’re pretty much a political irrelevancy these days, it’s hardly surprising that we’ve not heard much from them.

Corbyn, you will discover if you check the records, has defied the Labour whip many times – not least when it comes to votes regarding the EU. This is something that Kate Hoey and Graham Stringer were quick to recall when they were launching the “Labour Leave” campaign earlier in the week. So for those of you that might have blinked and missed it, here in summary is what their illustrious leader has to say about the EU :

  • David Cameron has blown it!
  • The EU is failing to stop the erosion of jobs in vital sectors such as the steel industry
  • It enforces the privatisation of crucial public services
  • It is failing to halt austerity
  • It lacks democratic accountability
  • It doesn’t do enough to protect workers’ rights

So that’s pretty clear then. Mr Corbyn feels that the EU has failed in many key issues about which he feels passionately…

…and that’s why he’s recommending that we stay in the EU.

Yes, you did hear me right. Jeremy Corbyn believes that we are weaker because we are part of the EU and therefore feels that we should carry on as a member.

Confused? Not as much, it seems, as the Labour Party


3 responses to “Corbyn’s stance on the Neverendum

  1. Disillusioned

    We will never be allowed to leave, our EU masters and their bought and paid for UK quislings will lie and cheat to ensure remain wins. Sadly I do not have faith in the people anymore, having tried and failed on many occasions to engage with friends and aquaintences re the benifits of leaving. They either show no interest or repeat the fear messages. Worse for me the Socialist Nazi Party in Scotland presume to claim a mandate to remain slaves to the EU even if the rest of the U.K. miraculously find their spine, come to their senses and vote leave.

    • Indeed. The latest bullshit this morning is that if we Brexit then holidays makers will be left stranded overseas.

      That really is desperation – but the public is just stupid enough to believe it!

  2. Stonyground

    As I have been listening to the discussions in the media, it has occurred to me that the ‘stay in’ voters remind me of some guy in his thirties who is afraid to move out of his mum and dad’s house.