Fuck you, Barosso

Here’s a real piss boiler for you…

Former EU Commission President, Manuel Barosso, says “we will not be permitted” to hold a further referendum. This is a one off.

Well, here’s the thing Manuel : You don’t run this country and you don’t tell us what we are or are not permitted to do! If we want another referendum, then we’ll bloody well have one and you can fuck the fuck off!

So, dear reader, ask yourself this simple question : Who do you want running this country? Brussels or Westminster? And when you’ve thought about that for a while you should be in no doubt as to which way to vote…


2 responses to “Fuck you, Barosso

  1. For somebody with such a generous future provided by us I suppose he feels compelled to treat us to the benefits of his ‘wisdom’ and opinions once in a while and has to be seen to remain onside with the corrupt club.


  2. rapscallion

    Actually Dioclese, he (Barroso) and his ilk do run the country at present. Which is why we are having a referendum to get rid of the bastards from Brussels. Hopefully the British electorate will vote to raise two fingers to the EU.