Labour’s campaign day

Hiroshima memorial
Today is Labour’s ‘national campaign day’ for Britain to stay in the EU. All over the country, Labour activists will be beating their drums calling for grass roots support to get out the message that Britain will be better off if it remains in Europe. Everybody is pitching in for the cause.

Everybody, that is, except for the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. He won’t be taking part because he is attending a CND Stop Trident rally at which he is giving a speech.

Michael Dugher, who was sacked by Mr Corbyn last month, condemned him for campaigning against official Labour party policy on Britain’s nuclear deterrent on the same day as the rest of the party was being instructed to campaign for Europe. There are also suggestions that Corbyn hasn’t really changed his mind about opposing the EU – he’s just keeping out of the way.

John Woodcock commented ‘Jeremy’s choice to speak at the CND rally just ensures another weekend of public focus on Labour’s divisions over a policy we can’t change when we should be holding the government to account and making the case to remain in the European Union.

So on a day when Labour should be shooting at Cameron’s open goal, Corbyn is ensuring that they’re well and truly offside. Great stuff, Jezza! Keep it up…


8 responses to “Labour’s campaign day

  1. What has he got against tridents anyway? In the seventies they were unbeatable in the production TT.

    • I was Triumph T100 man myself – until my leg landed under it and the rest of me went over the top. Snapped the femur like a matchstick. Ouch!

      Kinda put me off bikes for a while…

  2. BSA man myself. My first bike was a C15. Bloody bike was a pig to start and leaked oil everywhere and never went over 80mph. But I did love that bike.

  3. Ariel Arrow for me; it went round corners infinitely faster than I would!

  4. I seem to have derailed the thread somewhat, sorry. Anyway, the Bantam was among the better of the small British bikes because it was a close copy of a very sound German design. After WW2 copies of the little DKW popped up all over the world. Even Harley Davidson made one.