So – is it legally binding or not?

A couple of days back, Michael Gove suggested that Cameron’s EU ‘deal’ was not legally binding and Downing Street set the dogs on him.

Yesterday the same Attorney General who was sent out to flatten Gove, Jeremy Wright, said he is only “reasonably confident” the UK’s new EU deal will make it through the European Parliament to become legally binding.

Gove said it was important people understood that until there was a treaty change the new deal was not guaranteed. Wright shot him down. Yet yesterday he said “I am reasonably confident, the Prime Minister is very confident, that we can do this through the European Parliament too.”

The fact is that there is absolutely no guarantee that the European Parliament will vote the ‘deal’ through even if we decide to remain in the EU. So we could be voting for a total sham (shurely not?) because once the votes are counted there is no going back.

This is the same man who was ‘confident’ he could renegotiate a better deal and failed. This is the man who was ‘confident’ he could get immigration down to the tens of thousands and failed. He’s failed on so many levels that I have no confidence in him at all!

Do you really want to base the future of your country and your family on the fact that Cameron is “confident“? Because even if you do, I certainly don’t…


11 responses to “So – is it legally binding or not?

  1. Cameron is a busted flush. Everyone I speak with say he has no credibility left and are totally fed up with his lies and deceit, even the ones that voted Tory less than a year ago. The mystery is why so many Tory MPs are sticking by him on this.

    • I agree. I voted Tory in 2015 but as far as I am concerned there is one word that sums Cameron up since 2010 – disappointing! He looked statesmanlike in 2010 when he offered a coalition but from then on in it’s been all downhill.

      And where the hell is the Crown Prince Osbourne? He’s the Chancellor FFS and we’ve not heard a single peep out of him when the economy is right up there in the issues list…

      • Agreed: I too voted Tory in 2015 but what we got was BlueLab, with the self-proclaimed “Heir to Blair” – and he ain’t even competent at that!

        Come back, Conservative Party, all is forgiven.

  2. The question “Is the agreement legally binding” seems to be incomplete and can elicit the answer Yes or No with both being factually correct.

    My simple understanding is that an agreement cannot legally bind someone who is not party to the agreement.

    To determine who the parties to the agreement are, the less open ended question “Who specifically is legally bound by this agreement” would be more helpful. This would open up useful follow up questions i.e. “Is the EU parliament legally bound by this agreement” .

    It seems the answers to these questions are (as far as I can tell) the agreement is legally binding on the heads of state who signed but not the EU parliament which was not party to the agreement.

    After determining who the agreement is legally binding, it is then possible to explore what the implications are.

    • So the answer really is : “Maybe. Depends who you ask.” which is not much of a basis for a referendum…?

      My understanding is that the European Parliament can fail to ratify it even after the referendum which would seem to fit with what you’re saying. If they throw it out, then it’s dead. Cameron before announcing the neverendum was doing a lot of lobbying of the European Parliament to get them to agree to it, but came away with no guarantees as far as I can see.

  3. Everything that the eu does is vague but complex and interpretive, it all means what they want it to mean and can be variously interpreted on a day by day basis depending on the desired result. I have to admit it’s quite clever but I think it’s all by design.

    • Indeed if it was simple, as it could and should be, and unambiguous we could all understand it but that would never do would it.

    • “…vague but complex and interpretive…”

      Sums up most of our post-war legislation, which enabled the legal profession to get filthy rich. Anyone would think the laws were made by lawyers – oh, wait a minute…

      • ……and the tax system by accountants – oh, wait a minute.
        It’s generated complexity that drives all of it and keep Mr Ordinary out of it.
        ” You would understand, leave it to us”………………and we’ll shaft and monetise all of you.

  4. Kath lissenden

    I note in today’s news “One of the UK’s leading scientists” has warned about leaving the EU “Sir Paul Nurse – the Nobel Prize-winning director of the Francis Crick Institute – said Britain is “too small to be effective” outside the “powerhouse” of the 28-nation block.” I wonder how much cash he has been bunged to pop his 2 pence into the pot and do some scare mongering? How long before they wheel out Sir Lenny Henry and Dame Denise Lewis to state that “as britain’s leading black peers” they should be listened too and obeyed and that we must all vote to stay in because they say so. Sheesh I am already at boiling point and we still have HOW LONG left till the dreaded day?