Applying the emergency brake…

My earnest belief is that remaining in the EU is absolute folly and I will be writing a series of articles over the coming weeks explaining why I feel this way.

However, here’s are a trio of biggies for me :

(1) We give the EU £53,000,000 a day to belong to the club. Many people seem to believe that this money is invested back into the UK. It isn’t. The net payment to the EU is around £10,000,000,000 a year. We benefit from none of that. I say we should spend our money on our own country and not just give it away to Europe. We have an aid budget and an overseas development department which also give money to other countries, but at least we say where it goes – and that’s in addition to the £10billion. That riles me when I consider the arguments over giving an extra mere £2billion to the NHS.

(2) I want to live in a self governing country where the laws are decided by the UK Parliament not a foreign one. I want the highest court in the land to be the Supreme Court not the European Court. Look at the farce May went through to deport Hamza, our own rulings being repeatedly blocked by the European courts.

(3) I’ve no problem with controlled immigration along the lines of the Australian system. What I’m not prepared to accept is unfettered right of abode and work and benefits in the UK. You have the skills we need and we have jobs to fill them, then that’s great. Come on in. You’re welcome, but don’t come here claiming benefits while you look for a job.

And you’ll notice that there’s not one single thing in Cameron’s non-existent, non-legally-binding ‘deal’ that addresses any of the above issues.


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  1. One fear I have is that the cult of personality will grow as time goes on but may be counterproductive. I can only hope that some of the stayins, like Camoron, Corbyn and fishwoman will prove to be poisoned chalices to the voters. Since Nigel and UKIP were successfully got at in the general election, theirs may not be,as much as I hate to say it, the best company for the leave campaign.

  2. Sorry, couldn’t resist – Camoron, Corbyn and fishwoman, stayins on the fabric of British society?

  3. Dio, I want out and echo your daily sentiments and more on this but my problem is that if UK vote to leave the EU, and Scotland doesn’t (and polls show that Scotland will vote to remain in the EU), the Scottish Natzis are 100% certain to push for another Referendum straight away.

    And if the same Scot’s who voted to stay in the EU vote to leave the UK in protest, then Scotland will be independent. They only need a swing of 5%.

    Much as I detest the EU with absolute fucking passion, I’ll be voting to stay in and prevent those Natzi bastards getting what they want. It’s the lesser or two evils. By a long chalk.

    But, then there’s a flip side to this where my thoughts go 180.

    The whole economic case for an independent Scotland was made on the basis of a crude oil price of $100+ per barrel. In the space of two years, the world has changed, the current crude price is now $30 a barrel which which would create a 20 billion hole in the Scottish economy overnight, and the worst probably isn’t over yet.

    Scotland becoming like Norway was Salmonds Utopian wet dream and the what the Natzis used to strengthen their claims that we’d be better off out.

    Strugeon can strut about and claim what she wants on national tv, but for her to take Scotland into independence would be career suicide for her. She has absolutely no way in which she can prove we have the finances to stand alone.

    For one, the oil is fucked. Beyond fucked. She can’t even mention oil revenue that let alone use it as an argument in any manifesto. Jesus, price per barrel was high when Salmond was bleating on about it and yet even at those prices, it was proven that Scotland couldn’t survive on them alone. Then there was the mention of oil tax. Aye, very good – just watch as it’s brought ashore elsewhere with lower taxes.

    Then we have the flow of money from South to North. The national parties in Westminster previously stated their intention that the flow of English money to Edinburgh would stop on the day Scotland became independent. So no income from there then.

    At present, the UK pumps 55 million daily into the EU which equates to 33 million when you factor in the returns. How much Scotland would have to pay has of yet not been decided, but you can be assured that we’d never manage to meet the payments. The amounts required are stipulated after you join, not before. You go in blindly and the levels required are nonnegotiable as Greece found out to their detriment. They argued the required payments could never be met – tuff shit.

    From being an important partner within the United Kingdom Scotland would become an unimportant single EU Region standing alone among 270 others all clambering for largesse and special treatment – which we wouldn’t get.

    I may be totally wrong here (and not for the first time) but I can’t see Sturgeon being the one going down in history as the one who made us a socialist and bankrupt backwater.

    But, the risk that she will is very high and that’s a very troubling thought.

  4. “We have an aid budget and an overseas development department which also give money to other countries, but at least we say where it goes”

    Not exactly true – the vast majority of it is given to organisations, including European bodies, which then divest the funds to their own plans, quite often for things that you may not agree with, with very few controls and no real audit trail

  5. “…….The net payment to the EU is around £10,000,000,000 a year. We benefit from none of that…….”

    That is not true.
    That is not a fact.
    Why do you feel it necessary to engage hyperbolic invective? Why must you become rather elastic with the truth in efforts to support your argument?
    Is your argument so weak that revelation of the facts, the truth, will somehow negate your position? Or are you utterly ignorant of the truth, the facts, and merely pontificating your argument from an entirely subjective position, the defense of which is bolstered by the marshaling of pseudo-factoids and emotive adjectives?

    Surely the figure is not £10 Billion per annum
    Research how this number is contrived, and more importantly, research the political affiliation(s) of the folks from whom you received it; They’re Accountants and the blighters will skew the hell out of the data.

    Surely some of these monies are returned to Britain in some way.
    Research that. Blanket statements tend to lessen and cheapen the power and validity of your argument.

    Your pronouncements would be more believable with at least a nod given towards objectivity in writing.

    • That comes from the National Office of Statistics and was published by John redwood on his blog (He’s a former cabinet minister and was my local MP). As a personal friend, I’m inclined to take his word for it…

      It’s more believable than the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign who – totally unsubstantiated – claim we benefit to the tune of “£10 for every £1 we put in to the EU through increased trade, investment, jobs’ growth and low prices” That’s absolute bollocks!

      They do go on to say that these things are ‘impossible to quantify’ – and then proceed to put a figure on them i.e they quantify the unquantifiable!

  6. And why would y’all want to cut the Eleemosynary Umbilicus that keeps your foetid little Isle afloat? Our friend Ms. C. Brontë was correct, “EU relief never yet tranquilized the Britishcritter working classes”

    • “foetid little Isle”?

      Don’t tell me that you’re one of those that thinks the UK is just an island off the mainland of Europe?

      How would you feel if your laws were made by the USA? Or your courts subject to the USA? Or if Canada was moving into closer economic and political union with the USA?

      Britain once ruled the greatest empire that the world has ever seen, so don’t tell me we’re just some pathetic little offshore European colony or that we can’t stand on our own feet without the EU. We fought a World War to stop the Germans taking over Europe (twice in fact) and this is the third time. They’re just using economics instead of guns. Ask any Greek to explain it to you…

  7. There is only one item in your list Dioclese that is of any import and that’s No2. It doesn’t matter how much or how little we pay the EU, or how much trade,or how many jobs, it all comes down to one very simple question. Are we self-governing sovereign nation state according to our laws made in our Parliament by our MPs voted for by the British voters or are we just effing slaves to an EU empire?

    ALL the men in my family (bar my Son) have served and fought for this country going back centuries. I know what their answer would be.

    • And let’s be honest – if we let the Krauts win this time around, all the people who died on the first two wars will have died for nought! The only difference in this German war is that they’re using economic warfare instead of guns.

  8. Apart from it being a beautiful day today in South Wales and one where you felt glad to be alive, I was uplifted by something else

    I went to the Builder’s Merchant to get some materials for a customer, and three builders were inside, drinking coffee. I was giving my account details to the manager, but then realised these men were talking about the EU. One was going on about the 55 million per day we give them, only to give us some back to do inner city works “But, it’s our money!” he said. Another said, “I’m voting No too”. That was a good start.

    On my way home, I popped into the roofing supplies place for some odds and ends. The manager there is a pleasant man and enjoys a laugh. He totted up the bill, which came to £19.84 We had a laugh about the figure being the date of Orwell’s book. “It will be 1984 if you vote yes in the referendum, I said”. I could tell that he sort of agreed. His gripe though was the child benefit that gets sent back to Eastern Europe. “It doesn’t even get spent here!” And we talked more on the big businesses liking the cheap labour unrestricted immigration brings and the large amount of regulation that suits them too, as they can afford it whereas smaller competitors can’t.

    And, I realised then, that everybody has a different gripe about the EU, something that really gets on their nerves.

    Another thing the man in the afternoon said was that every item on the subject on TV was blatantly pro EU. And this was not serving to convince him, only to make him more suspicious.

    I felt today, for the first time, that we have a chance.

    • I recently wandered into a builders merchant in the leafy home counties and found signs up in Polish. Wrong on so many levels….