“Britain Stronger in Europe” can get stuffed!

stronger in europe
So the ‘deal’ is done and Cameron has fired the starting pistol for the in/out EU referendum.

And within hours of the announcement, I received an unsolicited email from “Britain Stronger in Europe” not only trying to persuade me to support them but – wait for it! – holding out the begging bowl for a £10 contribution to the campaign fund. Well, they can fuck right off and I’ll tell you why :

The EU takes £53,000,000 a day from the British taxpayer. There are 27,700,000 taxpayers in the UK according to the Office for National Statistics. This means that every day we are in the EU, I personally donate £1.91 to the European Union.

The UK joined the Common Market as it then was on 1st January 1973. That’s 15,755 days. Allowing for indexation for inflation, that means I given the EU over £11,000 or in todays money £30,092. I had no say in this because the taxman just took it and handed it over.

In the next 123 days leading up to the referendum, the bastards will have trousered another £243.93 off me. And the same again from Mrs D.

Now the cheeky bastards at BSE (wasn’t that a disease?) want another £10 off me and help campaigning out on the streets so I have even more money taken off me and given to Brussels.

Like I said, they can fuck right off – because I want out…


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  1. Indeed. I’ve not had any contact so presumably they don’t have my details. I wish I felt more confident about the outcome, but four decades of propaganda will have taken its toll.

    • BSE’s missive said I received it because I had “subscribed to their mailing list” which was news to me!

      More worrying is that Mrs D got one as well and she certainly never subscribed or even visited their website – so where the hell did they get her email address from?

      I suspect that they bought a mailing list from somebody that has our details on it.

  2. £53,000,000 a day?

    That is £19,345,000,000 per annum!??!!?!!
    Seems like a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining; the EU has financed The Tutor and me very handsomely over the years. Suffice it to say, they trouser dosh from you and I ‘frock’ it from them.
    Do you Britsihcritters call that number:
    19.345 Milliard
    19.345 Thousand Million
    19.345 Billion?
    Based on what I ‘saw’ in England the last time I was there, I reckon y’all call it 1,934.5 Crore = £19,34,50,00,000

    Sheesh, that’s nasty. Innit?

    • I heard some learned politician the other day saying we spend £100,000,000,000 a year on the EU (that’s 100 billion just to clarify)

      The only thing you can really believe is that you don’t know what to believe!

      • £100,000,000,000?
        That can’t be right. That’s a little over twice the Defense Budget in 2015. Or about 1/7 of the total 2015 Budget.
        If you Brits vote to leave, The Tutor will be pissed off. He qualifies for British citizenship because his grand-father on his mother’s side was a Scouser. If Britain stays in the EU, The Tutor can easily work anywhere in the Union. If y’all leave, he’ll have to pull out the Dr. trump card to get work. Not that he would ever apply for British Citizenship or ever work in the Union (outside of an NGO) anyway, but the option to do so is comforting.

  3. Kath lissenden

    They make it up depending which way the wind is blowing and if it’s raining in Brussels and they all need new galoshes. I reckon it also depends on how many 5 star lunches they want that week and how many foie gras and truffle mousses they decided the canteen wanted to produce for visiting dignitaries. It also seems to depend on if the need a new washing machine, American style walk in fridge or a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s. The fact remains they all (without exception ) have their snouts firmly in the trough. Meanwhile I can’t afford to heat my home but the EU see fit to squander billions on ludicrous research into “whether vanilla yoghurt makes people happier” I worked 36 years for this load of old toss, and I only don’t work now because Mr me needs 24 hour care as he has damaged his health slogging to support the pissing EU bureaucrats (20 years of that in the DSS as was) and their greedy wine swilling lifestyles.

    • Well, at least Boris has seen sense!

      As you might have gathered from the revamped header on this blog, there is no way on God’s little green Earth that anyone could convince me to vote anything but leave!

      Project Fear will, however, be rolled out big time by the Cameron camp in an attempt to frighten us into going our own way. There’s no argument I’ve heard from any of them so far that seems to me to hold any water.

      • Kath lissenden

        I agree with you, nothing could convince me staying is a good idea. It’s all a load of old nonsense. As for the campaign is expect it to go the way Scotland went, the same tactics the same scaremongering and the same people banging their war drums and lying through their teeth.

  4. Bernard from Bucks

    From John Redwoods blog –
    “£10 billion is a lot of money each year. That’s the sum we send to the EU and do not get back. That’s around £300 a household every year going to subsidise relatively rich countries on the continent.”

    • Yep – Redwood’s quite right – it’s the difference between what we give them and what they give us back.

      Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just keep the money and spend it ourselves on our own country? We’d be no worse off and £10billion would buy us a whole lot of nurses and doctors.

      But remember “stronger, safer, better off” according to Cameron. So how does being £10billion out of pocket equate to being better off, Dave ???

      • Kath lissenden

        if you combined that figure from the EU and took our international aid budget and scrapped “charity abroad” donations to worthless causes, IDS wouldn’t need people dying of cancer to work and they could have some dignity in their final days! Plus as you so rightly say we may even be able to afford English speaking Doctors and Nurses who don’t poison patients on their first shift because they graduated from the cornflake medical school in Nigeria. Win win i’d say!