Festival time again…

20121001_chicago-symphony-orchestra_33A Small Town Man post…

Wow, it’s festival time again here in Smalltown. It’s that annual cultural event that makes such a difference to the lives of us ordinary backwater folk and brightens up our whole year. Without it, life would be just so, well, small town!

And this year, it’s absolutely no surprise to learn that it’s going to be better than ever. Just like last year. And probably will be again next year? We’re just so lucky to live here!

And the news is even better this year because apparently we’re now the cultural hub of the East of England. We’re even better than the county towns of Cambridge and Suffolk! After all, what does Cambridge have to offer? Apart from world class artists, world class venues, a world class seat of learning. Well, yes. Apart from all those obviously.

According to our very own Smalltown Opportunities for Business chief executive, Mr Mark Time, we’re streets ahead of the opposition. According to the SoB Smalltown is now a venue where the artists come to us and beg to be included. After all, in the other cultural centres around here they have to be approached, booked, paid.. that sort of thing. Here they’re queuing up for the privilege.

The tickets go on sale today. They’re sure to sell out in double quick time. Get your’s now before they all go!

I can’t wait…


One response to “Festival time again…

  1. Smalltown Opportunities for Business?
    Mark Time?


    It’s called a BIA ’round here – “Business Improvement Area”
    It is also called a DDC – “Downtown Development Commission”

    They alternate the name every few years as one acronym becomes synonymous with graft and inaction. (The folks involved with each organization don’t change of course.) Currently, it’s the PBIA – Pembroke Business Improvement Area. In 2017 it is sure to be re-named the PDDC. It was the PDDC from 2005 to 2011. And before that? You guessed it, it was the PBIA.