Gi’es us a job, Tone…

"Dickhead? Moi...?"

“Dickhead? Moi…?”

So, as Call-me-Dave scrabbles towards the inevitable failure of his futile renegotiation in an attempt to curb migration to the UK, we hear from his illustrious predecessor, Tony ‘call-me-God’ Blair.

It seems that the Mighty Tone reckons that his policy of inviting all and sundry to invade this sceptred isle was a good thing as employment data showed two million EU workers have jobs in the UK. How exactly is this good, Tone???

Employment data out yesterday showed the number of EU workers with jobs in Britain grew by 200,000 in 2015 and now stands at 2.1 million. Blair said: ‘Economic migration is good, with appropriate rules. It has been seen in the US, as in Britain.’ Donald Trump might disagree with that one.

There are now around 1,000,000 Eastern Europeans working in the UK – and that’s just the legal ones. The EU worker total has topped 2,000,000 for the first time. In the last year, over 40,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have moved here. No wonder the Eastern European countries are keen to block Cameron’s so-called deal…

Blair also reckons that the ‘interest’ of the UK staying in the EU should be ‘evident to all’. Well the thing is, Tone, it ain’t bloody evident to me! We’re sinking under the weight of EU migrants workers, EU red tape, and EU interference in our laws and sovereignty.

I always knew that Blair was a self interested, egotistical wanker with a lack of grip on reality, but now the bloody fool has opened his mouth and proved it yet again…


4 responses to “Gi’es us a job, Tone…

  1. I agree that Blair is an incompetent idiot, but he may have been manipulated by others.

    Look at the recent history of Europe. All the great dictators, from Napoleon onwards, have grabbed power through massive unrest in their countries. Napoleon after the French Revolution. Lenin during WW1. Hitler, Franco, Mussolini after WW1, and a host of East European dictators after WW2.

    Could it be, that someone wants absolute chaos in Europe, to enable them to make another power grab in a few years time. We seam to be well on the way to finding out.

  2. It seems that the British public does nowt but elect “self interested, egotistical wanker with a lack of grip on reality” types. Or as Old Geezer above intones, “incompetent idiot(s)”

    Why do you think that is?
    Is it because the British Electorate are Text Book masochists, or are they just very stupid? If the former, do they not deserve to suffer under the alleged yoke of the EU? If the latter, do they not also deserve the same fate?
    As Maynard Keynes said, “The people get the Government they deserve.” Then he went on to say, “In the long run we’re all dead, so macroeconomics is pretty much crap.”

  3. If the UK leaves the EU, Tony’s long-term career plan is likely to need changing.

    Best regards

    • I think he wanted to abolish the monarchy and be our first president – but failing that he was after President of the EU…

      Bloke’s a cunt.