The mouthwash ain’t making it

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So Call-me-Dave has a deal on the table does he? Well, there’s the salient points above whihc you can biggen and read if you want a bloody good laugh. Let’s look at each point shall we?

The emergency brake : What the fuck does “graduated from a initial complete exclusion but gradually increasing” mean? I’ve got ‘O’ levels in English (wow!) and I can’t understand that gobbledegook!

Sending Benefits abroad will continue but only not as much as before. I assume that means we pay it at the level of the country they come from – but how are they going to work it out? Let’s spend millions on another computer system that doesn’t work. Much simpler than just not paying them benefits at all…

We’re going to be allowed to stop terrorists coming to the UK – but only if a threat is “imminent” but please define imminent and in whose opinion?

Banning sham marriages is a laugh! It’s already illegal so what’s new?

The sovereignty bits are a joke. They acknowledge we don’t want closer integration but don’t say it won’t happen anyway. and ‘red carding’ legislation in parliament only refers it back to the European Parliament where it will go through anyway.

We’re protecting the pound – a currency which is already protected anyway. We won’t be forced to join the Euro but nobody was suggesting we would! And as for that bit about to using UK money to protect the Eurozone, our money goes into a big pot they do what they like with, so that nice words that mean fuck all!

Any issues that effect all member states must be discussed by all member states” sounds good but that what happens already. Note, however, that the word ‘discussed‘ is not the same as ‘agreed‘.

The EU will increase efforts to reduce bureaucracy” Yeah, right. We all believe that one and in any case how are you going to measure and quantify it?

No – there’s no substance here and exceptionally vague wording. It’s pretty much what you would expect from a bunch of politicians.

Sorry, Dave but the mouthwash ain’t making it. I can still smell the bullshit!


3 responses to “The mouthwash ain’t making it

  1. Cpt. Mckay: Callahan, you’ve been transfered to Personnel.
    Callahan: Personnel? That’s for assholes.
    Cpt. Mckay: I worked in Personnel for 10 years!
    Callahan: Yeah.
    Callahan: May I say something?
    Capt. McKay: Go ahead!
    Callahan: Your mouthwash ain’t making it.

  2. No more (or less) than was expected – plus ça change, plus c’est la meme bleedin’ chose – just a big fat nowt wrapped up in meaningless politico waffle.