Some good news from Syria

Apparently, an SAS sniper has beheaded an ISIS executioner with a single shot while the militant was teaching jihadis how to decapitate prisoners. Well done, that man!

Seems he was 4,000 ft away at the time and took the guy’s head clean off with a single shot. Whilst I applaud such excellent shooting, I thought there were no British troops on the ground in Syria so maybe that should have read 4,000 miles away – which would have made it a spectacular shot indeed.

Earlier this month it emerged three British Special Forces soldiers were wounded in a firefight with 30 ISIS militants in Iraq. That’ll be the British forces not on the ground in Iraq that were involved in that one then?

A little further investigation reveals that ‘no British boots on the ground’ is not as accurate as you might have been led to believe. David Cameron says he has refused to engage in a ground war with ISIS troops in Iraq and Syria, but small SAS teams are carrying out commando raids against the jihadis. Sounds like doublespeak to me.

So we’re not involved in a ground war in Iraq and Syria, we’ve just got small groups of special forces involved in special operations in Iraq and Syria.

Glad we cleared that up. It might have got confusing otherwise…


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  1. Dioclese, you must learn to read what politicians say very carefully. “No British Boots on the ground,” probably means that we bought the boots from Germany!!!!

  2. Please read “Ghost Force” The secret history of the SAS. By Ken Conner. An honest and detailed book by ken who was there. Plenty of references to Prime Ministers, Sec. of Defense , Foreign Office and Home Office politicians who sent in the SAS to conflicts to further UK interests. Also inter-departmental rivalry between SIS and MI5. Makes for a good read. Also interesting for me as I live in Hereford and have had many a pint in the local hostelry with ex and serving members. We don’t know half of it!

  3. Sorry, must say that as you have my E mail address, if you would like a copy of the book, just ask. I’ll send you one. Regards.

  4. Would you want the bad men to know their teachers are being ‘killed at a distance’ by British folks? Might these bad men want to seek retribution against the British by decapitating some poor English tourists somewhere?
    I think it best that the British Government insist to the British public – and hence the entire world – that there are no Britishcritters involved. This way, the bad men figure it must be the Americans doing it and Yankee tourists get knifed in the casbah instead of elderly Mrs. Smith-Jones from Ipswich.

    • You actually make a very good point!

      • Thank you, but you sound surprised?
        Patronizing cunt.

        And that elderly Mrs. Smith-Jones deserves to be eviscerated in the Souq. She was the Tarot-Card-reading barmaid who convinced that chemist Roberts to abandon her work developing emulsifiers for ice cream and instead embrace politics and the law.

      • If I can’t patronise you, Cuddles, then who can I patronise? πŸ˜‰

      • That’s a rhetorical question, right?
        Inspector Morse spells it ‘patronize’, so I spell it patronize.

        Cuddles? That sure brings back memories of the olden days when the mere presence of ALT-F in one’s handy comments facility meant some poor sod was about to have a very bad day.

  5. Same as the US in Vietnam. First there were “advisers” Then there were regiments of them, then there was a full scale war. Well when i say full scale war… American friends of mine fought in Vietnam. They denounced the US Govt for not letting them win. “We coulda fuckin won!” said my Marine friend, Bob. Why didn’t they let us??

    • Syria is a fucking mess whichever way you look at it. Is there a solution? Well, we could let Assad win, I suppose on the understanding he then takes on IS?

      The ‘cessation of hostilities’ clearly ain’t gonna happen. Incidentally, I noticed this morning on the Beeb that they no longer refer to ‘the Syrian government’ as it’s now known as ‘the Assad regime’ – do I detect a potentially dangerous change of tone?

      The Yanks could have won the first Gulf War too if Bush senior had had any balls. Stopping short of Baghdad made no sense. Shoulda let Storming Norman finish his job…

  6. Kath lissenden

    I did mention this “Boots on the ground” myth some months ago D, but meh what do I know I am just a geriatric grandmother, retired housewife with absolutely no knowledge of anything and nowhere near clever enough to have an opinion on anything.
    Incidentally as an aside I am to be a grannie AGAIN and by Christmas too I swear my daughter is trying to age me further. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kath. Nice to hear from you. Sorry you dropped your own blog, but I respect your decision.

      Congrats on the grannie thing. I have two (one of each) and that’s enough thank you!

      • Kath lissenden

        Many thanks D, I have told her this time it must be a girl as one of each is ample thank you πŸ˜€