That Syrian ceasefire…

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and foreign ministers attend a meeting in Vienna
Now I do not consider myself anything special when it comes to the brain box department. I’m just an ordinary bloke. However, even I can see that the so called Syrian ‘peace deal’ is never going to happen so why the fuck can’t a bunch of world leaders – who are all supposed to be so much brighter than me – see the same thing?

Firstly, what exactly is point of having talks about a peace solution for Syrian without the Syrians being present? Isn’t that a bit like the UN passing resolutions that nobody takes any notice of?

Secondly, the Russians are going to keep on bombing and Islamic State are going to keep on fighting. The idea that IS is excluded from the deal and that we can keep fighting them without fighting the rest is laughable. The battle lines really are so clearly defined. Not…

And I love the wording. We’re not having a ‘cease fire’ we’re having a ‘cessation of hostilities’. Frankly we’re not having either are we?

But it has been agreed that the cessation will take place in one week’s time – after discussion with the parties involved. So basically, neither side has agreed to any of this nonsense and frankly they’re not going to are they?

Now as I said, I’m just any ordinary bloke – but even I can see that John Kerry is some sort of delusional idiot talking out of his backside. Here’s what he had to say :

First, we have agreed to accelerate and expand the delivery of humanitarian aid beginning immediately. Second, we have agreed to implement a nationwide cessation of hostilities to begin in a target of one week’s time. That’s ambitious, but everybody is determined to move as rapidly as possible to try to achieve this.
The real test of talks will be whether all the parties involved honour their commitments and implement them in reality. Ending the five-year civil war will require a plan for a political transition.

Well, the parties involved doesn’t seem to include the actual combatants and anyone who thinks that Assad is going to agree to step aside belongs inside a lunatic asylum as they are clearly certifiable.

Any fool can see that it’s a non starter.


3 responses to “That Syrian ceasefire…

  1. “……so why the fuck can’t a bunch of world leaders – who are all supposed to be so much brighter than me – see the same thing?…..”

    They can.
    And they do.

    Firstly, they all have nothing else to do and for their ‘we-really-are-relevant!’ purposes, they have to be ‘seen’ to be doing something. This Syria thing is such a tragedy you know.

    Secondly, they get loads of perquisites when holding these ‘Talks’. They get to sit at cool ‘U’ shaped tables and be ferried about in Black Limos. There’s great food. Booze. Hookers. Graft……….the list goes on.

  2. Unless the plan involves stopping Erdogan-the-mad from playing both sides so he can destroy the PKK, it’s pointless.

  3. Anyone heard anything more about the Saudis deploying twenty (20) F15’s at Incirlik? I thought it was a NATO shared facility (Mainly USAF, RAF) and the Saudis aren’t part of NATO.