Fuck off Cameron!

Project Fear rolls on as the ‘deal with the EU’ so much vaunted by Call Me Dave approaches the table.

Cameron really has gone a bit too far with the scaremongering this time! He’s now claiming that of we leave the EU then the French will stop bothering to police their side of the channel and that the so-called Jungle camp could instantly transport itself to Kent. Well, let’s be honest – that’s bollocks isn’t it, Dave? Now you really are panicking and getting desperate if you expect us to swallow that one…

The Prime Minister’s spokeswoman said there would be ‘no guarantee’ agreements with France that effectively place the British border in Calais would survive the UK leaving the EU. Cameron claims there were many French politicians who would ‘love’ to tear up the deal with Britain – suggesting at a press conference a Brexit could be the excuse they need.

Even senior members of the Tory think that’s rubbish. Liam Fox pointed to a quote from the French government last year ruling out the idea that it would ever tear up the agreement. Bernard Cazeneuve, the French Interior Minister, rubbished suggestions the border with Britain could be opened.

Calling for the border with the English to be opened is not a responsible solution,’ Mr Cazeneuve said.
It would send a signal to people smugglers and would lead migrants to flow to Calais in far greater numbers. A humanitarian disaster would ensue. It is a foolhardy path, and one the government will not pursue. On the contrary, we’re going to make the border even more watertight to dissuade smugglers and migrants, respect international rules and reduce the pressure on Calais.

Fox added that it was alarming that the PM did not know that the Calais agreement is bilateral with the French government and is actually nothing to do with the EU.

And let’s be honest, we want out of the EU precisely because we want control of our own borders back so it’s a little worrying that the Prime Minister is spouting such nonsense. Brexit gives us more controlnot less.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said it was a signal of panic from Mr Cameron’s team following the chilly reception to his draft deal, unveiled last week. Nigel Farage blasted the PM, saying he was trying to distract voters from his ‘pathetic EU deal’. He added “It’s project fear – given the failure of the Prime Minister’s renegotiation to impress the British people, it would appear project fear is revving up.”

Get a grip Dave! You’re supposed to be leading the country not misleading it…


4 responses to “Fuck off Cameron!

  1. I completely agree. If people want to try to set up migrant camps the answer, Dish Face Dave, is to bulldozer the camps and send them home. Pathetic.

  2. “……Now you really are panicking and getting desperate if you expect us to swallow that one…….”

    Or perhaps he is expecting only those who share his concerns to swallow that one? The rest, like you, can fuck off. Innit?

    Remember this?

    Media in the entire world latched onto that bullocks. Every Liberal laughed!. “Robertson is such a moron!”, they all said.
    He was a genius!
    His regular flock, those who’s donations support his empire, were giving their money to the various Haiti Earthquake Relief charities at the expense of his coffers.
    Tell the world the Haitians deserved it.
    His followers resume donating to him.
    The world’s media advertise this and Mr. Robertson picks up a bunch of new adherents to his particular brand of hate through the massive amount of publicity to corners of the world heretofore ignorant of the existance of Pat.
    The numbers of those who make fun of him? He couldn’t care less if they increase, they don’t donate to him. He’s crying all the way to the bank.
    Pat Robertson used the world’s media to ensure the flow of funds in his direct continued – and maybe even increased.!

    Moral of the story? One should be very careful when adjudging what you think The Right Honourable David Cameron means for y’all to swallow.

    • I wasn’t aware of Mr robertson, but now I am I’m convinced he’s a total cunt!

      • He doesn’t care what you think or care how vociferous you are in your denouncing of him – you’re not one of his flock. Just like The Right Honourable David Cameron doesn’t care that you ‘see through’ the idiocy of his statements, his flock swallow it all. And don’t kid yourself, his flock is large, very large indeed.