New curbs on charities….

Seems there’s been a fit of a fuss about charities using government donations to fund parliamentary lobbying – so new rules are to be introduced to ensure that only public donations are used.

Except that’s all bollocks, isn’t it?

The argument is that the government is giving money to the charities that they then use to lobby the government – so effectively it’s paying to lobby itself. The reason that it’s bollocks is that the government doesn’t actually have any money of its own because it gets it all from the taxpayers!

So next time you’re having a tin – or these days a direct debit mandate – waved under your nose, just remember that you already contributed, through your taxes, without being asked.

The simple way to avoid this ‘problem’ of lobbying is to allow the taxpayer to contribute voluntarily instead of compulsorily and for the government to give to charities exactly what I give them…

…and that’s fuck all!


9 responses to “New curbs on charities….

  1. What grips my shit, is those adverts on TV that say if I give £3.00 a month the government will match it! That’s my money! Who the f*ck said they could give my money away!

    • Yes, precisely. Doubtless there are people who fall for the “government money” shtick. There is no such thing.

  2. Totally agree – it’s long overdue for all these fake charities – defined as ones who receive at least 10% of their funding from taxpayers – to receive a good *unting. Sadly, the few genuine charities, such as the Lifeboat one, are dragged down by the fakes and suffer falling levels of donations.

  3. Yep, spot on.

    Predictably the charity sector has been trying to pretend this is something it’s not, they seem to be shy in defending their use of taxpayers’ money to lobby government for some reason, instead trying to convince the public that govt is restricting use of voluntary donations … which they are not. That speaks volumes.

    It’s also a victory for the blogosphere because this campaign started in 2008 at blogs like Devil’s Kitchen. Proper grass roots stuff.

  4. David Craig has gone so far as to write a book on the subject. I suspect it’ll be a case of volume 1 of a very long saga.

  5. Whoops, just noted what’s happened to Fake Charities. Read on:

    Perhaps, just possibly we might be seeing a phenomenon similar to what happened with Jimmy Savile (when it became career limiting to praise and adulate a bunch of perverts).