Off travelling again…

I’m returning to a favourite ship of mine, the Sea Cloud II for a circumnavigation of Costa Rica. Yes, I know Costa Rica has two coastlines and you can’t sail around it, but we’re going in and out of San Jose. We pick up the ship in Puntarenas om the Pacific coast, transit the Panama Canal – something that’s been on the bucket list for a while – and sail up the Caribbean coast to Porto Limon.

See you all in a couple of weeks…


7 responses to “Off travelling again…

  1. For fucks sake, you are not pissing off, again!

    • I have indeed duly pissed off again!
      Writing this in the VIP lounge at San Jose airport. Heathrow it ain’t!

      Only another 24 hours and I should be home…

      (Sent from me cheapo kindle fire – £ 35 on black Friday. Bargain!!!)

  2. Just a test.
    I too might adopt WordPress

  3. Okay that one failed. We’ll try again

  4. I’m not happy how Gravatar is working. It is easy to access my blogspot site with a double-left click on the Blogger icon, but to access the WordPress site, you have to right-click on the WordPress icon opening a new window on which you must now double-left click the WordPress icon. I think Gravatar is racist.

  5. Our beloved Dioclese is in the land of Zika! When he returns, we, his friends, must be ever so vigilant in our monitoring of his ‘cognitive’ state. If he displays any new symptoms of microcephaly, we must act and act swiftly.
    A merciful death.
    It’s what he would have wanted.