We all love Smalltown!

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Here in Smalltown we’re very, very committed to our town and our community. Oh yes! In fact, we’re so in love with Smalltown that we’ve created our very own Facebook group “We All Love Smalltown”

It’s our own little online community. A place where like minded citizens of our wonderful town can come together and share the little things that make Smalltown so very, very special. After all, who could possibly fail to love this place. We’re so lucky to live here as all the comments on Facebook prove. Nobody has a bad word to say!

Except, that’s not actually that surprising – because in order to comment you have to be approved by the group administrator who will only let you join in if you are recommended by someone who’s already a member of the group.

Yes, here in Smalltown we’re very big on community and even bigger on free speech. Provided you agree with us that is…


9 responses to “We all love Smalltown!

  1. Didn’t I have something along those lines shoved through the letterbox? My street dot com or something or other.

  2. Bernard from Bucks

    “,, can come together and share the little things..”
    And this is exactly what scares me and puts me off ‘registering’ with anything, especially ‘arsebook, twatter and My(public)space.
    People go on these sites and tell the world all their medical problems, their financial problems, their emotional states (sometimes daily). It can’t be much longer before – everybody knows everything about anyone anywhere. Buy a pair of trousers on line – and the world knows your inside leg! The only thing we don’t know – is what exactly this government is up to?

    • I think you’ll find the government is, as my dear old dad used to say, up to no good.

    • “………Buy a pair of trousers on line – and the world knows your inside leg!…..”
      I am not sure how public knowledge of one’s inseam measurement could be dangerous, but I once had a your woman – ‘in the stirrups’ – who sported a 41 inch inseam!
      Forty one fucking inches!
      And she was only 5′ 9″!
      The Tutor still drools over the thought of it.

  3. I can’t agree more. Please let me in.

  4. “….. the little things that make Smalltown so very, very special…..”

    Special? Like short school bus special! Filled with window-lickers who kitted out with rubber spoons and plastic pudding cups still manage to hurt themselves.